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We talked to Vedran Dugandžić about how to brand office walls and glass surfaces

Why do you think it is important to brand and decorate the walls and glass surfaces of offices? Depending on which positions are branded, the company can send a different message, unmatched by different target groups. Whether it will be motivational messages not to employees or impressive communication of the brand itself depends on the needs of the company. Increasingly, when decorating the interior of business premises, glass is used as a material, which gives the space an elegant look, indicates transparency, but does not provide enough privacy, so it is possible to do partial covering of glass surfaces, which will further enrich the aesthetics of the space. privacy. And not only glass surfaces - the installation of foil is also possible on the walls, which facilitates maintenance, and at the same time provides the possibility of easily changing the look of business premises at shorter intervals. The possibilities are practically limitless - everything depends on the needs, and with graphic design it is possible to achieve great effects. How can we use office space and which areas are crucial? Depending on the industry in which the company operates, if it has a shop window, this area is ideal for communication of products and services to end customers, or if it is a real estate agency to advertise the sale or rental of shops on site. When it comes to offices - the key positions are at the very entrance to the company where you can put a message that unequivocally communicates the values ​​of the brand and thus send the most important message to everyone who steps into your business space - from end customers, partners to your employees. As I have already mentioned, these do not have to be just prominent positions, but every area within the office, which can be used for communication with the employees themselves. What makes you different and how do you help your clients with workspace branding? The SmartAds team dedicates itself to each project as if it were our own space. According to our clients, every piece of advice means choosing the right material, speed, but also creating graphic solutions for those who do not have a graphic designer in their ranks. We provide a complete service - it is only up to our clients to express their wishes when it comes to branding business space, and we will turn them into reality. What message do you want to convey to those who are renting office space right now or want to refresh their office? The fastest and easiest way to give your space its stamp is by branding through foil. It gives you the opportunity to make your company stand out, notice and be remembered, and SmartAds is there to put your visions into action.

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Insurance that protects your investment

We spoke with Sanja Nikolić, Director of the Corporate Insurance Department of Wiener Städtische insurance

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New coworking in Belgrade - TheOfficeBelgrade

Belgrade got a new Coworking office. Read what they told us!

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We spoke with Mr. Leonard Zovko Country Manager Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia at the International Workplace Group

Read what he says, what changes are expected in the commercial real estate sector

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How to organize the relocation of business premises?

In a conversation with Marko Janković, the owner of the relocation company, we bring you advice from his perspective on how to organize the relocation of business premises and what to pay attention to. How to organize a move? - Find a moving agency and arrange a free move assessment. http://ajkula.rs/ - Choose a relocation date and announce it to the other tenants in the office building. - Count on the need for access and parking for vans or trucks in front of the building at both locations. - Get boxes for things and appropriate bags in which to store things - Before moving, clean the new office and decorate the rooms, paint the walls and determine one corner for storing boxes. Mark the boxes with fragile contents separately How to prepare things for moving? - drawers are best taken out of chests of drawers and closets, and in case you carry them full, you can wrap them with "stretch" foil. - Electronic devices, such as computers or routers, are stored in boxes and indicate what is in the box. Well mark the fields with the type of content, later they can save you a lot of time and nerves - Always put heavier things first in the box and lighter things on them - Arrange things in two types of boxes - smaller and larger. Put heavier things in smaller boxes. It is easier to put in larger boxes. Disassembly of office furniture? Disassembly - installation of office furniture in our moving company is performed by a professional installer with many years of experience. During disassembly, it is necessary to pack all the fittings (sleeves, screws, eccentrics and other small accessories) and tape them with duct tape to dismantle the piece so that the necessary parts are not lost during transport. All disassembled furniture must be packed in foil (stretch and shot foil) so that it is not damaged during transport. Preparing to move, feel free to contact - [email protected] mob - +381642819025

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Interview with Zoran Arsov from Delight Office Solutions

For more than half a year, the COVID 19 pandemic has affected the way we perceive office work. There are many companies that have transferred their employees to work from home, some have chosen hybrid work and occasional visits to offices. On the other hand, we notice an undiminished demand for office space. Many companies have decided to use this very moment to redesign, adapt or relocate their offices? It is for this reason that we decided to talk to Mr. Zoran Arsov, COO Partner from Delight Office Solution, a company that we increasingly see in the role of partners to large international and domestic companies in the transformation of their offices.

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Intervju s gospodinom Slavkom Bingulac iz tvrtke IMMORENT SINGIDUNUM d.o.o.

Možete li mi se ukratko predstaviti, reći nešto o sebi i Vašoj tvrtci i čime se bavite? Ja sam građevinksi inženjer sa 28 godina iskustva u sledećim segmentima: izvođenje, nadzor i upravljanje projektima. IMMORENT SINGIDUNUM d.o.o. je ćerka firma Austrijske Kompanije ERSTE GROUP IMMORENT. IMMORENT SINGIDUNUM d.o.o je osnovan kao SPV, sa iskljulivim ciljem da projektuje, izgradi, izda i upravlja Projektom SIRIUS, koji se nalazi u Beogradu. Ja sam projekt menadžer za Projekat SIRIUS. Što Vas čini drugčijima u odnosu na konkureciju na Vašem tržištu? Tokom projektivanja trudili smo se da izbegnemo klasičan, pomalo hladan, korporaztivni dizajn koji karakteriše puno stakla, mermera i metala. Boje primenjena na fasadi našeg objekta razbijaju monotoniju klasičnog poslovnog objekta, dok smo u ulaznim holovima primelnili dosat elemenata od drveta, ugradili zelene zidove i izborom tipa nameštaja pokušali da stvorimo prijateljsku, kućnu atmosferu. Koliko će korona kriza imati utjecaj na cijene poslovnih nekretnina u Srbiji? Pod pitanje - Koliki utjecaj krize će biti na cijene u  EU a koliki na susjedne zemlje? Iz našeg dosadašnjeg iskustva, nemamo utisak da je kriza uicala na snižavanje cena zakupa. I potražnja je zadovoljavajuža, tako da smo sigurni da izdavanje preostalog prostora u SIRIUS-u neće osetiti neke velike posledice. Utjecaj korona krize na Vaše poslovanje? Jeste li se Vi i Vaš tim vratili u ured? Odnosno radite li iz ureda? Jesu li se Vaši stanari vratili u urede? Ako nisu kada predviđate njihov povratak? Sa uvođenjem vanrednog stanja u Srbiji, što je bilo polovinom marta meseca, prilagodili smo poslovanje uslovima i nalozima državnih organa. Kako se situacija popravljala, tako smo i povećavali prisustvo u kancelariji, sa početnih 0 ili 1 dan nedeljno, na 4 ili sva 5 dana nedeljno. Poslednja 2 meseca smo skoru u potpunosti prebacili rad u kancelariju. Ovde je bitno napomenuti da smo mi mali tim, te nam je znatno lakše bilo i prilagoditi se i (re)organizovati u skaldu sa promenom situacije. Zakupci se lagano vraćaju u kancelarije. Radimo analize na mesčnom nivou o broju zaposlenih i poslednji podaci pokazuju da se u kancelarije vratilo, na nivou celog objekta, 36 % zaposlenih. Po Zakupcima broj varira i kreće se od 9% od 53%.

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Miroslav Mijatov: The story of the first coworking space in Serbia or what stands behind CCCSEE?..

By now all of us, people living the modern styles of life, already know the concept of coworking quite well. However, coliving is definitely something not all of the readers will recognize immediately.

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