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Sirius provides comfort, energy efficiency and flexibility to both its visitors and tenants. The circulation areas in the center of the office building are efficient and well organ...

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We invite all small and medium-sized enterprises to SMEs 2019 Conference - "Power of SMEs - Stimulation and growth of enterprises"

We are pleased to announce the SMEs2019 conference under the slogan "Power of SMEs - Stimulation and Growth of Enterprises", which will be held at the Metropol Palace Hotel in Belgrade on Tuesday, May 14, 2019.

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Avaz Sky Tower: Sarajevo to get the tallest tower in whole Balkans

The Avaz Group presented its next investment project - the Avaz Sky Tower, which will be 250 meters higher than the Avala Tower.

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THE FUTURE OF BELGRADE! Our capital will look like New York with towers taller than 100 meters!

That Belgrade will no longer expand, but will go higher in the future, as many city leaders, as well as architects and urban planners have announced in the past years, are best witnessing the construction of towers high and over 100 meters. Both in New Belgrade and in the old part of the city

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Nordeus Offices in New Smart Building

Inspiring Offices - every week with you we share the most interesting offices around the world! One of the most successful Serbian gaming and tech companies, Nordeus, opened on April 15, a new business space for its 170 employees, located at the corner of Milutin Milanković Boulevard and Art Boulevard (symbolically linking science and art to FDU). Experts from 22 countries will launch a working week at a new address in an innovative smart building, carefully designed to encourage creativity and collaboration.

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Exhibition "Interior Architecture of Other Places"

BELGRADE - The exhibition "Interior Architecture of Other Places", which will feature works by Natalija Jovanovic and Predrag Maksic, will be opened on April 22 at the ULUPUDS Small Gallery.

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SPACEFLOW takes Real Estate From Space-to-rent to Space-as-a-service Business“ -

With co-working experiences booming around the globe, workspaces are becoming much more than four walls and a table. Spaceflow, a Czech startup, challenges our imagination and creativity to reshape how we think of Real Estate. Are we ready for it?

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Aćim Leon Pantelić - Vlasnik Novog ''WeShare'' Coworking prostora u Beogradu

Šta je to Coworking? Zašto je ovaj novi trend kancelarijskih prostora sve popularniji u Srbiji kao i šta to zakupci traže u ovakvom poslovnom prostoru i koji su njihovi zahtevi? Ovaj put razgovarali smo sa Aćimom, vlasnikom inovativnog poslovnog prostora u centru Beograda koji će se svečano otvoriti 1. Novembra.

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Green Building Certificates – BREEAM

BREEAM - BRE Environmental Assessment Method - was established in 1990 as a tool to measure the sustainability of new non-domestic buildings in the UK. BREEAM sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation and has become one of the most comprehensive and widely recognised measures of a building's environmental performance. A BREEAM assessment uses recognised measures of performance, which are set against established benchmarks, to evaluate a building’s specification, design, construction and use. The measures used represent a broad range of categories and criteria from energy to ecology. They include aspects related to energy and water use, the internal environment (health and well-being), pollution, transport, materials, waste, ecology and management processes. BREEAM addresses wide-ranging environmental and sustainability issues and enables developers, designers and building managers to demonstrate the environmental credentials of their buildings to clients, planners and other initial parties The stages of assessment in which BREEAM schemes can currently be used to assess the environmental impacts arising as a result of an individual building development (including external site areas) are: - Design stage (leading to an interim certificate) - post Construction Stage (leading to a final certificate) - Operational Stage(BREEAM in use currently in development for international

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Where can i see the uploaded news and transactions?

The uploaded news appear in the news box of the start page, on the datasheet of the connected office building and on the company datasheet of our Partner, if any. The transactions appear in the Transaction menu of the portal, on the datasheet of the connected office building and on the company datasheet of our Partner, if any.

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