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Sirius provides comfort, energy efficiency and flexibility to both its visitors and tenants. The circulation areas in the center of the office building are efficient and well organ...

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BUSINESS SPACE square up to 6.451 Euro

The total monetary value of the real estate market in the first six months of this year is 12 percent higher than in the same period last year, when it amounted to 1.6 billion euros.

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Business premises in Belgrade put up for sale

The City of Belgrade has put property owned by the city up for sale through a public bidding procedure.

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Are there any dangers of a "bubble effect" in the real estate market? - The most expensive squares in Belgrade and tourist places, the most wanted new building

The real estate market is at the peak of potency, Djokovic said, adding that at a 3-4 year level, the price increase is 50-60%.

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International Real Estate and Investment Fair BLIRE October 3 and 4 in Banja Luka

The third international real estate and investment fair BLIRE 2019 will be held on October 3rd and 4th at the Banja Luka Fair organized by OMNIA marketing and PST company.

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Open Call for Business premises and Garages (Serbian Only)

JKP Prostor izdaje deset poslovnih prostora u Riđici, Stanišiću, Kolutu i Somboru, gde su ponuđene i tri garaže.

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Miroslav Mijatov: The story of the first coworking space in Serbia or what stands behind CCCSEE?..

By now all of us, people living the modern styles of life, already know the concept of coworking quite well. However, coliving is definitely something not all of the readers will recognize immediately.

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SPACEFLOW takes Real Estate From Space-to-rent to Space-as-a-service Business“ -

With co-working experiences booming around the globe, workspaces are becoming much more than four walls and a table. Spaceflow, a Czech startup, challenges our imagination and creativity to reshape how we think of Real Estate. Are we ready for it?

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You Should Know Before Selecting an Office Building

What is List highlighting and why is it worthy for an office building?

When highlighting your data sheet, it will automatically appear at the beginning of the list, with distinguished background, regardless of the alphabetical order. Thus the office searchers are going to discover your office building and offices for rent right at the beginning of the list, which significantly speeds up the renting process of your vacant spaces.

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Compare Office Buildings

You can select offices to compare and list their differences.

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How BREEAM works

BREEAM rewards performance above regulation which delivers environmental, comfort or health benefits. BREEAM awards points or ‘Credits’ and groups the environmental impacts as follows: –Energy: operational energy and carbon dioxide (CO2) –Management: management policy, commissioning, site management and procurement –Health and Wellbeing: indoor and external issues (noise, light, air, quality etc) –Transport: transport-related CO2 and location related factors –Water consumption and efficiency –Materials: embodied impacts of building materials, including lifecycle impacts like embodied carbon dioxide –Waste: construction resource efficiency and operational waste management and minimisation –Pollution: external air and water pollution –Land Use: type of site and building footprint –Ecology: ecological value, conservation and enhancement of the site The total number of points or credits gained in each section is multiplied by an environmental weighting factor which takes into account the relative importance of each section. Section scores are then added together to produce a single overall score. Once the overall score for the building is known this is translated into a rating on a scale of: -Pass -Good -Very Good -Excellent -Outstanding

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