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Global Transparency Index: Where is Serbia on the list?

According to the new Global Real Estate Transparency Index for 2018, Serbia is among the 10 countries that have made the most progress on this list.

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Kancelarija u Ogoljenoj Zgradi

Dok čeka na to da postane zdanje sa zelenim fasadama, krovovima i javnim vidikovcem, bivša zgrada Beobanke koju je projektovala arhitekta Milica Šterić ne prestaje da mami pažnju prolaznika na Zelenom vencu.

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First Eco-Friendly Store in Serbia - EKO-Maxi Supermarket Opens

Serbian Minister of Environmental Protection Goran Trivan attended the opening of Delhaize's eco-friendly Maxi store, the first such store in Serbia and the Balkans. In this store, Delhaize Serbia has replaced the standard cooling system with an environmentally-friendly one, based on carbon-dioxide, whereby it has eschewed the standard freon R404A, which contributes to environmental protection. The innovative technological solution is supported by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade.

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Aćim Leon Pantelić - Vlasnik Novog ''WeShare'' Coworking prostora u Beogradu

Šta je to Coworking? Zašto je ovaj novi trend kancelarijskih prostora sve popularniji u Srbiji kao i šta to zakupci traže u ovakvom poslovnom prostoru i koji su njihovi zahtevi? Ovaj put razgovarali smo sa Aćimom, vlasnikom inovativnog poslovnog prostora u centru Beograda koji će se svečano otvoriti 1. Novembra.

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