1. How does the approach to hotel accommodation management differ from business premises management, and how have you adapted to the needs of clients in this industry?

Management of hotel accommodations and business premises requires different approaches, but also the sharing of common values regarding service quality and user comfort. In the hotel industry, the emphasis is on providing a guest experience, and we generally pay the most attention to guest satisfaction during their stay. In the office space rental industry, users are looking for functionality, efficiency, and comfort in the work environment.

We have adapted to these differences by recognizing the specific needs of office users. Instead of luxurious amenities, our focus is on efficiency and professionalism.

Our approach to the office space rental industry combines elements of hospitality, such as a high level of support and attention to detail, with the specific needs of business users. We have adapted to the needs of the market to provide workspaces that are functional, inspiring, and adaptable, supporting the different work styles and work environments that users expect. We have thus created a special approach that combines the best of both worlds.

2. What specific hospitality-specific services and initiatives have been integrated into your business premises to attract and retain customers?

What is definitely common is the care of users, in one case they are guests, and in the other tenants, but the relationship is definitely the same. We strive for long-term partnerships and collaborations based on a relationship full of trust and respect. Certainly, what is specific to our company is that we not only have knowledge in the field of service provision but also concrete opportunities that we can implement and that raise the experience for tenants to a higher level.

We can provide professional cleaning services to all our tenants, 24-hour technical support from people who really know the area, a reception desk that can provide all the information, as well as food delivery directly from the hotel, primarily due to the proximity of these two facilities. which are leaning on each other. We do all facility services independently, so the expertise and speed with which we can react is definitely something that sets us apart in the business space market.

Of course, all our tenants have special and preferential conditions in the hotel as well.

3. How do you deal with the challenges of competition in the office space rental industry and what do you think is key for the Belgrade market?

The challenges of competition in the office space rental industry are real, but Belgrade is a market that offers many opportunities for development. The key is to understand that there is enough room for everyone, provided we approach the user's needs correctly.

Our strategy focuses on identifying the key factors that attract users. Location plays a central role, because Belgrade is a rapidly developing city, and our location is essential. Our office spaces offer easy access to major thoroughfares and are located near important business hubs, making them easily accessible for everyone.

We also provide additional benefits that set our offer apart. We have an underground garage that allows safe parking, which is often a challenge in Belgrade. In addition, cooperation with our hotel resources creates added value for users of office space. All tenants have the option to use the hotel's facilities for meetings, lunch, and other needs, thus creating a more complete work environment.