1. Can hubs be associates with corporations?

Hub as a concept has been on the market in Serbia for over a decade. After COVID and the apparent change in how corporations work, it is certainly relevant to the newly created modus operandum of corporations. We often hear from our clients who continue to do remote or a hybrid model, that they do not have enough opportunities to gather their team once a week or at least once a month around a task and to go through work dynamics, goals, and achieved successes. In this model of a new and modern way of working, cooperation between hubs and corporations is inevitable. On the one hand, hubs' creative and inspiring spaces are adaptive to the different needs of the teams in corporations that do not sit any more during the whole week in their office building, as they used to. Still, they can allow their employees to connect at certain times and be more efficient.


2. Why are hubs considered as productive places to work?

There is no magic, it is not about chairs, tables, or walls. Who you see that day, who you're with, and what inspires you is essential. The concept of the hub provides that "uncertainty" because you never know who you are going to meet that day in hub, and is it going to be someone who you haven't seen for a long time, meet a person from a completely different profession who will inspire you, or accidentally make coffee for the first time with someone who will give you inspiration and new ideas - all this makes working from the hub much more productive than when you are alone at your desk, whether it is in a corporate office or from home.


3. What is the mission and vision of hubs?

Each hub builds its mission and vision with the community, i.e., clients it gathers around its offer. Impact Hub, first of all, as it is in the name of our organization, focuses primarily on bringing together those people who, with their ideas and work, want to improve their business by increasing profitability and creating and spreading positive influence. For these reasons, we take care, as we like to say, of the balance between people, profit, and our planet, which we only have one.


4. How can hubs positively influence the work of corporations?

Today, in the world around us, you have much greater attainability of information than a person can naturally process. Therefore, especially the young generations are finding new and innovative solutions to learn better, get results faster, and turn the wealth of information into success. However, the success of the individual is always secondary to the collective. The concept of a hub provides the agility and speed necessary to get the essential information individually and as a community that shares the same values and wants to do something better than its previous generation. The future of work indeed lies in combining the network of knowledge and experience of corporations with the human factor and the DNA being built in the hub.