Can you tell us a little more about your company? What is your motto, what drives you as a team?

My fascination with nature, and above all with the diverse flora, has lasted since childhood. When I graduated in Landscape Architecture at the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade, I was eager for research and practice. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to do so. Starting an entrepreneurial business in 2010 was a logical sequence of circumstances, stemming from the desire to turn my knowledge into something useful, continue to pursue a profession and help people feel more comfortable in their environment. At first, I was supported by the closest family members. They understand my love for plants, ideas, complement them and help me technically carry out many projects. They have the right dose of responsibility and I can always rely on them. As the business expanded, over time I included friends from college in the projects. They are versatile and good experts with whom I gladly share experiences and we are connected by love of work, perseverance and trust. I believe that people are inextricably linked to nature and when they find themselves in a sterile environment without natural elements, they lose their essence and especially the ability to feel pleasure and be creative. That is why my motto is that everyone has the right to their piece of nature wherever they are, even in the business space.

Plants make the office a happier place to work. Do you agree with that statement? More and more companies are working on optimizing business premises. Should every office have its own green corner?

I absolutely agree. People have a huge benefit from plants. The aesthetic role of greenery is easily noticeable because plants beautify the interior, complementing it with their structure, colors, dynamics of growth and flowering. They bring freshness to the space and it has been noticed that the green color has a positive effect on people's mood. Another, less visible but not less important function of plants is sanitary and hygienic. It refers to their ability to maintain optimal air humidity, enrich it with oxygen, reduce the concentration of some pollutants in the air and absorb harmful radiation. Taken as a whole, greenery has a positive effect on the mood and productivity of employees, encourages creativity, improves the impression of the company and helps to close deals. Therefore, I believe that it is worthwhile for every company to invest in the creation and maintenance of its small green oases.

From your experience, how to make an office a “greener” office?

Regardless of the size of the space, orientation, amount of natural light and other important elements for the selection of plant species, I think that the most important thing is for the greenery to run through the entire business space, so that we achieve a certain continuity in their positioning. In that way, we get the most from greenery, the best effect is achieved from the aesthetic and health point of view. There are many ways we can implement plants in business space, from classic floor pots with tall plants, through medium and small plants suitable for shelves and desks, built-in planters for office furniture, making green walls and green paintings, setting hanging arrangements… When we successfully determine the positions and choose the species according to the specific environmental conditions, we should take care of regular and professional care, because only in that way the space will exude freshness and the plants will be in good shape and fulfill all their functions.

It has been proven that plants reduce the level of pathogens in the air and maintain the optimal amount of moisture in the air? What plants do you recommend for business premises?

Most modern business premises face problems with a large number of employees, lack of fresh air, significant temperature fluctuations, dry air, the influence of air conditioning and other electrical devices. Such microclimatic conditions are not suitable for humans or plants. All plants, in proportion to their green mass, have a positive effect on the air, but some are more resistant to the mentioned conditions in offices and that is why we gladly recommend them. In our work we often use zamije, sanseverije, agloneme, spatifilume, aloe, shamedorea palm, chlorophytum, difenbahije, dracena, monstera, juke, schefflera, kencija palma, philadendrons, orchids and others.

Can you tell us a bit more about the projects you had the opportunity to work on?

There were various projects, some we worked on our own and some in collaboration with our longtime client CBS International, as their subcontractors. Each job is specific, a story unto itself. Some clients have taken the lead in the need to make their business environment more pleasant and comfortable for employees. One of them is the company Humanity, for which, in addition to the usual potted plants, we made green panels for almost every room. The big challenge was the lack of natural light, but it also encouraged us to bring in natural plants, find a way to survive and make the whole space more humane. In recent years, we often plant plants in built-in jardinieres. We combine them with office furniture to obtain interesting, multifunctional elements that we can use as visual and partially sound barriers. Companies that have access to the terrace or atrium are increasingly deciding to renovate it into a place for rest and relaxation. This is how beautiful gardens are created that make a huge difference in the quality of the business environment and employee satisfaction. As the New Year's holidays are approaching, I will also mention that every year we offer our clients holiday decorations that, with their coniferous scent, help employees maintain their serenity and working spirit in the pre-holiday days.