Why do you think it is important to brand and decorate the walls and glass surfaces of offices?

Depending on which positions are branded, the company can send a different message, unmatched by different target groups. Whether it will be motivational messages not to employees or impressive communication of the brand itself depends on the needs of the company. Increasingly, when decorating the interior of business premises, glass is used as a material, which gives the space an elegant look, indicates transparency, but does not provide enough privacy, so it is possible to do partial covering of glass surfaces, which will further enrich the aesthetics of the space. privacy. And not only glass surfaces - the installation of foil is also possible on the walls, which facilitates maintenance, and at the same time provides the possibility of easily changing the look of business premises at shorter intervals. The possibilities are practically limitless - everything depends on the needs, and with graphic design it is possible to achieve great effects.

How can we use office space and which areas are crucial?

Depending on the industry in which the company operates, if it has a shop window, this area is ideal for communication of products and services to end customers, or if it is a real estate agency to advertise the sale or rental of shops on site. When it comes to offices - the key positions are at the very entrance to the company where you can put a message that unequivocally communicates the values ​​of the brand and thus send the most important message to everyone who steps into your business space - from end customers, partners to your employees. As I have already mentioned, these do not have to be just prominent positions, but every area within the office, which can be used for communication with the employees themselves.

What makes you different and how do you help your clients with workspace branding?

The SmartAds team dedicates itself to each project as if it were our own space. According to our clients, every piece of advice means choosing the right material, speed, but also creating graphic solutions for those who do not have a graphic designer in their ranks. We provide a complete service - it is only up to our clients to express their wishes when it comes to branding business space, and we will turn them into reality.

What message do you want to convey to those who are renting office space right now or want to refresh their office?

The fastest and easiest way to give your space its stamp is by branding through foil. It gives you the opportunity to make your company stand out, notice and be remembered, and SmartAds is there to put your visions into action.