It was planned that the area at the corner of the two streets occupies 17.250 m2, and the building should have eight floors with 250 rooms and suites.

As Mrvaljevic, the chief of the project bureau at ZAPP said, the conference facilities are located at the second floor and apart from the conference hall which can be split into three smaller halls, numerous multifunctional halls and meeting halls are planned.

As we found out, exclusive office space should be in the ground floor and the first floor of the facility .

- The beginning of the Hilton hotel construction is expected in 2015. Preparation of project-technical documentation is in progress. Hilton could be completed in 2016 but the works dynamics has not been defined yet. Optimal deadline to complete the investment is 1 to 1,5–Mrvaljevic mentions.

Public presentation of the project for the construction of the office space-hotel is available for public inspection by November 14 at the building of the City administration of the city of Belgrade, at 27.marta street no. 43-45




Source: eKapija