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How to buy an apartment without participation in Serbia

In most cases, raising a loan is an integral part of buying an apartment in our country. After the decision on the potential purchase of an apartment and raising a loan comes the most difficult phase - participation, so people who cannot provide the initial capital give up buying the property.

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The Most Important KPIs in Digital Real Estate Marketing

Every real estate marketer wants to have a clear visibility on marketing campaigns performance in order evaluate the return on investment in terms of engagement, sales and actual revenue.  There is no single metric that defines the effectiveness of any marketing campaign. The so-called “vanity metrics” such as reach, impressions, and rankings can be important indicators of your brand awareness building and your real estate client base. But on their own, they are not reliable enough to measure the impact of your marketing strategies. The right data and choice of key performance indicators (KPIs) make a difference in measuring the impact of a marketing campaign on the real estate business. Data-focused approach can help you find the right strategies and methods to attract new clients and retain them over time. Collecting as much data as possible is not enough, you need to find, analyze, and act on the most important metrics. Here are 7 real estate digital marketing KPIs you should be measuring in order to maximize the success of your marketing campaigns over time. 1) Website Traffic For any real estate business, the site visits are an essential step and a high number of visitors is the first indicator of your strategy success. But the website traffic alone, if it doesn’t generate leads, won't make your business grow. Ultimately, your efforts should aim at retaining visitors, encouraging them to get to the next stage of the site, inciting them to browse your listings and contact you. 2) SEO performance SEO approach is imperative for any successful digital campaign. Measuring the search traffic enables you to determine how often your home page and listings appear in search engine results when looked for by potential home buyers and sellers. It is critical to your SEO success to find out which keywords are top performing or likely to perform better and deserving further optimization. Specific keywords can be also used for conversion tracking. 3) Traffic Sources It is also very important to understand how many visitors come to your website from different channels and from which devices and browsers they use to access the most. Tagging URLs using UTM codes will allow you to keep track of how your individual tactics are working and if there is opportunity to increase your traffic. Breaking down traffic by channel can give you insight into what channels matter to your business and allow you to adapt your online presence to your target audience. 4) Lead Conversions Lead generation has become the most important part of digital marketing, especially in real estate marketing. Getting your website visitors’ contact information gives you opportunity to send them regular relevant and credible information and stay top of mind realtor. 5) Exit pages Analyzing your exit pages i.e. the last page a visitor viewed before leaving a website helps you understand from which page visitors leave the website the most often and whether they followed the path you wished them to follow while navigating your site. If a signup confirmation page has a highest exit rate your strategy is doing well. 6) Landing Page Conversion Rates This indicator helps you track which of your individual landing pages are the most engaging and successful in generating leads. Use the industry average conversion rate to benchmark your own landing pages and then implement the tactics from the higher performers to the less successful ones 7) Cost per Lead Tracking this KPI will prevent you from overspending for leads. Dividing the cost of a marketing campaign by the number of leads that campaign generated gives you insight into the actual worth of your lead and into the cost effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Breaking down the cost per lead by acquisition channel and source, helps you gain a better understanding of which efforts will yield the best return on your marketing investment.   While there are many more trackable metrics that will give you insights into how well your marketing campaigns are performing and where the room for improvement is, these 7 KPIs should help you start building a cost effective digital marketing strategy. They are instrumental in increasing the success of your marketing efforts aligned to your main goal – attracting and retaining home buyers and sellers as clients and growing your business. Keep ahead of your competitors by closely tracking these KPIs.

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The number of purchased cottages in Serbia has doubled in the last three months

In these three months, compared to the same period last year, the number of purchased cottages has doubled, according to data from the Republic Geodetic Authority. "The number of weekend houses sold on the territory of the Republic of Serbia in the third quarter of 2020, compared to the same period last year, was doubled - from 225 to 454 turnover," the latest RGZ report points out, Nova.rs writes. It is common for cottage traffic to be lower in the first quarter and to increase gradually towards the end of the year. However, this increase in turnover is more pronounced in 2020 than was the case in 2019. "It is interesting that the jump in the increase in weekend traffic was recorded during the second quarter of 2020, and this trend continued in the third quarter as well. Although it is expected that the number of sold cottages will be higher in tourist places - spas and mountains, an increase in the number of sold cottages near the place of residence has been noticed ", they point out in RGZ. The biggest jump in the number of sold cottages compared to the third quarter of last year was recorded in Novi Sad - from eight to 35 cottages, or 4.5 times. We spent more than one billion euros in three months buying apartments, houses, garages, business premises, but also land. Half of this amount refers to apartments, and most of the owners changed in Belgrade for 339 million euros. We still buy real estate most often - in cash. In total, we paid as much as 87 percent of the purchased real estate in cash, and only 13 percent from loans. "Observed by types of real estate, land was paid the most in cash - in 99 percent of cases. In the period from the first quarter of last year, to the third quarter of this year, payments from credit funds are slightly increasing in the purchase and sale of special parts of facilities, "the RGA indicates. Source: seebiz.eu

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The most expensive square in Serbia is on the water in Belgrade - as much as 9,019 euros

BELGRADE - The Republic Geodetic Authority (RGZ) published a report on the real estate market for the third quarter of 2020.

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In this place, the price of a residential square jumped from 800 to 1,400 euros

New buildings are being erected at every turn, while investors are selling most of the apartments before construction is completed.

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In Serbia, 10 percent more building permits were issued in September

BELGRADE - The number of construction permits issued in September is higher by 10.1 percent compared to the same month last year, according to data from the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure.

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The real estate market in Serbia has stopped, in six months no apartment has been sold in 20 municipalities

In 20 municipalities and cities across Serbia, not a single apartment was sold in the first half of the year, while in a dozen only one was sold, reports Fonet.

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Online Real Assets PropTech to close circle by offering 360⁰ digital services to asset managers in CEE

First digital PropTech Start-up Hub in CEE Online Real Assets (https://www.onlinerealassets.com), is completing its 360⁰ digital services to landlords and asset managers, by integrating brand new digital asset management tool, through its joint-venture with Assetti (https://assetti.pro).

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