On an area of 14,700 square meters, it is planned to build three slats with business premises, premises for commercial and business purposes, a restaurant...

In addition to the recently completely reconstructed Novkabel Tower "Era" in the Industrial Zone in Novi Sad, three eight-story office buildings will be built.


The area covered by the plan is more than 14,700m2, and the project is signed by urban planner Rade Avramov from the Novi Sad bureau "A.R.HITEKT 5".

The planned buildings will be 34 meters high and more than 1,400 people will work in them. It is envisaged that the building with eight-story lamellas A and B will look like it is placed on a pedestal, which will have a ground floor and one floor. Above that, towers of the same dimensions and proportions, but with different facades, are formed.


The building with lamella C will be located between the tower-lamella A and the already existing tower of the administrative building of Novkabel (the current building of M&I Systems Group), reports gradnja.rs.

It is planned that the facility will house 40 business premises, four commercial-business premises, a restaurant and other accompanying facilities.


As stated in the project, there are foyers on the ground floor - independent accesses to business premises on higher floors, through which access to the cores with vertical communications and the restaurant in the central part of the ground floor. Vertical communications are provided from the basement level to the eighth floor level.

On the higher floors, there will be office space designed in the form of an open plan. The offices have natural ventilation and lighting, while in the central part of each of the towers there is a core with vertical communications, installations and sanitary rooms.


On the roof of each of the towers, it is planned to house mechanical-thermotechnical and other necessary installations.

223 parking spaces will be built around the buildings, of which 13 are intended for people with disabilities, and six will be equipped with chargers for electric cars.

This urban project is open for public inspection until August 24, and can be viewed on the website of the City of Novi Sad.

Source: Mojnovisad.com