This is possible with desktop power modules for the offices, designed to meet all the needs of employees. Desktop power modules must have innovative design and fantastic features. They need to be designed in a way to integrate into the existing office layout with ease.

A solution for the messy cable environment could be classic schuko sockets, via network sockets, high-speed USB chargers, up to Audio, VGA or HDMI ports. Devices can be superstructure. You could mount them on the tabletop without the need to drill any holes or recessed ones that are installed in the tabletop. This fact makes the whole job easier. With their appearance, these devices enrich the workspace, while saving time and increasing productivity. Sockets are easily accessible and cables are less visible, making users happier and more satisfied with their day-to-day tasks.



The accompanying equipment is network cable trays and “spines” for conducting cables from the floor to the desk. Flexible "spines" will allow the organization of cables without knots and entanglement. A wire cable tray is a great solution for conducting cables under the tabletop. It is simple to install and ensures that all cables are neatly laid side by side, preventing cords and cables from getting messy and entangled.

These devices are widely used, starting from offices, through conference rooms, hotel rooms, well- equipped classrooms, restaurants, waiting rooms at airports, etc. They ensure the tidiness of the workspace and create a more pleasant and efficient working environment.

Here you can find different types of power modules for the offices: