In a new advertising campaign the investor is focused on the shopping center that will be located as a part of this multifunctional building. The retail center will have about 15,300 square meters of rental space, and 500 parking spaces in its underground garage. The commercial part of the building will have three underground and six above-ground floors, and since one side is looking out on Knez Mihailova - main pedestrian street, a small piazzetta will connect building with the public space of the pedestrian zone. For this project, the authors of the architectural design are Milan and Vladimir Lojanica. Building should have harmonious appearance to fit in with existing architectural form, while special façade elements will follow aesthetics and lines of the surrounding buildings. Although our readers had opportunity to learn about the details of the complex, the fact that the promo campaign is revived, and that the project recently received its website, maybe it can be concluded that the complex in Rajiceva closer to realization.