Data from the Republic Geodetic Authority show that in the third quarter of this year, the sale of cottages was more than doubled compared to the same period last year. 454 cottages were sold, and in the same period last year, 225. And the demand was not the most intense in the mountains, lakes and well-known resorts, but near the place of residence.

We researched which cottage was the most sought after, and the analysis of the portal shows that it is a house with an affordable price, a large plot and a very attractive location.

"The most viewed property from the category of sale of cottages was an ad for a cottage in Vrdnik on 10 acres of land at a price of 17,000 euros. The cottage offers a fantastic view of the surroundings, and the site visitors viewed the ad 74,000 times," Anita Pesic told us. As she added, the interest in weekend houses this year was more than intense.

"Considering the whole year marked by the Kovid19 pandemic, the state of emergency, curfew, the inability to go on vacation abroad, it is not at all strange that citizens are interested in investing in real estate, cottages or houses with a yard. Return to nature is definitely what we can do. inform as a conclusion for 2020 ", assessed Pešić.

Most cottages during the year were sold in Belgrade. In second place is Novi Sad, where the biggest jump was recorded. The surroundings of Nis and Kragujevac follow.

Prices ranged from 1,500 euros in Sremski Karlovci, to 580,000 euros for how much was demanded for a weekend house in Cajetina, according to RGZ. The most expensive cottage in this municipality of the Zlatibor district was sold for 253,000 euros, while in the same period last year, the house was sold for twice as much.

Plots of up to 100,000 euros

Zlatar, Zlatibor, Divcivare, Tara - mountains that are convincingly becoming top destinations in terms of both demand and prices.

At Zlatar, above Nova Varoš, no more construction was ever done, and the interest in the plots is unprecedented. Prices reach up to 10,000 euros per acre of land in the most attractive locations. The cheapest plots, which the owners offered at bargain prices until a few years ago, now cost more than 3,000 euros. Entire tourist settlements are slowly sprouting up on the once unused land.