The Skyline AFI Tower reached a full height of 132 meters by performing the last, 31st floor.

The phase of installing the facade, which has reached the 24th floor, is in progress, and the first tenants are expected to move in in the fourth quarter of this year.

This modern office building not only stands out as a new symbol of business space in Belgrade, but will soon become a point of business meetings of leading international and domestic companies that will develop their business here. The first contracts have been concluded and the government is very interested.

A recent study conducted by the Ipsos agency showed that one of the most important parameters that employees expect from their employers are locations, additional facilities, natural light and proximity to green zones. The investor of this project, AFI EUROPE Serbia, took into account all these aspects when planning and building one of the most modern business environments on the Serbian market. The results of the research show that the proximity of cafes, banks, pharmacies, restaurants and shops is extremely important for as many as 89 percent of employees. The proximity of green areas that offer rich content, including sports fields and landscaped trails is important for

83 percent of employees. One third of the respondents who are employed stated that they would like the wellness facilities to be located near the business building or inside it, and 44% of them would like to have the opportunity to use the gym within the business premises. SKYLINE AFI Tower within the Skyline Belgrade complex will offer all these benefits, including the largest indoor private pool in Belgrade.

Apart from the phenomenal view of different parts of our capital that future tenants will have during their working hours, the added value is certainly the location and excellent connections with the airport, numerous embassies and important institutions, and what is perhaps even more important for this location in the city center users will have at their disposal 510 parking spaces in the underground garage. Among the numerous benefits is certainly the possibility of each floor being divided according to the requirements and needs of future tenants.

Investor: AFI EUROPE Serbia

Height: 132m, 31st floor

Area: 40 000 m2

9 elevators

510 parking spaces

Gold LEED certificate

The investor of this tower, AFI Europe Serbia, has met the necessary conditions to qualify for LEED GOLD certification, which means that the principles of sustainability are respected during construction - efficient use of water, reduction of waste and carbon dioxide emissions and the use of materials that are not harmful to the environment. The project also includes heating, cooling and ventilation systems that comply with energy efficiency requirements. In addition, this modern business tower will be fully equipped with all high-tech devices and sophisticated telecommunications equipment.

Thanks to successfully set projects in the field of business space such as the business park Airport City Belgrade, the name AFI Europe Serbia provides potential buyers and tenants with security from investors and is synonymous with quality, responsibility and commitment.

The exclusive agent for renting this unique business tower is CBS International, the leading real estate consulting company in Serbia, which is part of the Cushman & Wakefield Group.