The competition for non-refundable funds will be announced on Monday, the conditions are known, and money of around 10,000 euros has been provided for each house.
All necessary regulations for the allocation of funds have been adopted. The program is worth a total of about 500 million dinars, and in the first phase, 400 houses are expected to be inhabited in a rural area throughout Serbia.
The deadline for submitting applications is November 1 this year, and the state will cover all purchase costs with this money, but not renovations and arrangements.
Those who receive the funds cannot sell the house for a period of ten years from the day of concluding the contract, Blic writes.
Spouses or extramarital partners, single parents, as well as young farmers can apply for the competition.

There are several conditions they must meet at the same time:

that the applicant is not more than 45 years old;
to be a citizen of the Republic of Serbia;
to have a permanent residence in the territory of the Republic of Serbia;
that he is not the owner or co-owner of real estate on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, except for agricultural land and that they have not alienated or donated it in the previous 5 years.

Also, the applicant is expected not to be related to the seller of real estate, not to be in the process of approving funds for the purchase of real estate and that at the time of filing the application they have no outstanding obligations to the state.

All these conditions must be met by both spouses. In addition to the mandatory conditions, applicants must meet only one of the following conditions:

to live in the countryside independently in leased real estate or in a family community with other family members;
to have a formal education in the field of medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, veterinary medicine or to be an educator or craftsman;
to live in urban areas in leased real estate independently or with family members and to intend to live in the countryside;
to do jobs whose nature is such that they can do them from home in the countryside.

In order to be able to apply for a village house at all, it is necessary that it meets the basic conditions for living and housing, as well as that it is located in a village where there is at least one of the public service facilities (health clinic, post office, school, transport station). ...)

It is also important that it is registered in the cadastre in the name of the seller, and that the real estate, as well as all accompanying facilities, is built in accordance with the regulations. The last condition is that its price is within the market value and that the house and auxiliary facilities are not the subject of a court dispute.

Mandatory documents that you must submit in the application, as well as the application form itself can be found in the Program document published on the website of the relevant Ministry of Rural Care.

The main goal of the program is to motivate the population to stay in the countryside and encourage young people to return through solving the housing issue. There are also specific goals regarding the reduction of the average age of the population in the villages, the increase of the birth rate, the improvement of the demographic structure in the villages, and the initiation and growth of economic activities in the countryside.

It is estimated that there are about 200,000 abandoned rural houses with a garden in Serbia, which are available to farmers and young people who want to stay and live in the countryside.

Source: Seebiz