In a conversation with Marko Janković, the owner of the relocation company, we bring you advice from his perspective on how to organize the relocation of business premises and what to pay attention to.

How to organize a move?

- Find a moving agency and arrange a free move assessment.

- Choose a relocation date and announce it to the other tenants in the office building.

- Count on the need for access and parking for vans or trucks in front of the building at both locations.

- Get boxes for things and appropriate bags in which to store things

- Before moving, clean the new office and decorate the rooms, paint the walls and determine one corner for storing boxes. Mark the boxes with fragile contents separately

How to prepare things for moving?

- drawers are best taken out of chests of drawers and closets, and in case you carry them full, you can wrap them with "stretch" foil.

- Electronic devices, such as computers or routers, are stored in boxes and indicate what is in the box. Well mark the fields with the type of content, later they can save you a lot of time and nerves

- Always put heavier things first in the box and lighter things on them

- Arrange things in two types of boxes - smaller and larger. Put heavier things in smaller boxes. It is easier to put in larger boxes.

Disassembly of office furniture?

Disassembly - installation of office furniture in our moving company is performed by a professional installer with many years of experience. During disassembly, it is necessary to pack all the fittings (sleeves, screws, eccentrics and other small accessories) and tape them with duct tape to dismantle the piece so that the necessary parts are not lost during transport. All disassembled furniture must be packed in foil (stretch and shot foil) so that it is not damaged during transport.

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