TheOfficeBelgrade is a coworking space intended for people who want peace, a working atmosphere, the possibility of establishing business contacts and the possibility of access to offices 24/7.

Can you describe the space and location in more detail?

TheOfficeBelgrade is a coworking office located in the heart of Vracar, between Slavija and Kalenić market. At the corner of Njegoševa and Aleksa Nenadovića streets, you can feel the true spirit of Belgrade. The cafes and restaurants of Njegoševa Street offer a great opportunity to relax and socialize after a hard day's work.

The space has been completely renovated and adjusted to the latest standards, which apply to built-in materials, air conditioning, LAN and optical cables. It spreads over 270 square meters, and there is a possibility of renting a workplace or a separate office for the team.

What are the benefits of working from a coworking office?

The benefits of working from a coworking office are multiple. First of all, I would like to emphasize the possibility of our clients to focus on their work, and we will take care of everything else. As a tenant or owner of business premises, the company must take care of maintaining, cleaning and paying bills. By working from the coworking space, all these problems are eliminated.
Another important advantage of working from such offices is networking and sharing experiences with other individuals or teams, which leads to the progress of each individual.

After Ukraine, Serbia has the most digital people, ie freelancers in Europe. Do you believe that number will increase after the pandemic?

Absolutely! Belgrade is recognized as a regional IT center, where many international companies are opening their offices, and thus we have many visitors who want to work periodically in our city. We offer the possibility of renting a job for a day, and even for an hour, when needed. And companies, which only need a headquarters, can register with us, receive mail and have a representative office in an attractive location.