The pandemic led to an unexpected increase in real estate prices in Serbia, so the average price in Belgrade became higher than in Milan, apartments in Novi Sad were never more expensive, while the price per square meter on Zlatibor increased by 20 percent. Thus, the price range in the Serbian capital is large and in new construction it ranges from 1,500 to 8,000 euros per square meter.

In addition, the prices of construction materials are growing - they have been growing daily since the beginning of the year, which has led to an increase in real estate prices in new construction.

Iron, styrofoam, styrofoam, plumbing installations increased in price the most, from 50 to 100%. Slightly smaller price growth is recorded in tiles, blocks and cement, but those types of construction materials have also become more expensive, mostly everything except PVC joinery. The growth of prices of construction materials also conditioned the growth of real estate in new construction.

The current assessment is that the growth trend in the prices of construction materials is expected in the following period as well.

Korona almost did not even hit the real estate market, and only the first shock affected the volume of turnover, which has already improved during the year. The real estate market has proven to be very resistant to external shocks.

Agents say that the situation on the market, when it comes to buying and selling, has not changed, in some segments it has even increased. Studios are immediately planned, especially those closer to the center and colleges, suitable for rent.

Renting to new owners is not the safest at the moment, especially for those who would rent out their property on a daily basis, but, with an increasing number of vaccinated, especially smaller apartments are considered a good investment, interlocutors with Halo oglasi nekretnine told us. market.

We saw a sign of recovery in the middle of last year, when the turnover exploded and when the number of sales contracts increased. The trend remained the same, most were cash customers.

That is, the trend has continued that more than three quarters of buyers pay for their real estate in cash, and not by credit. Agents say there may have been more credit buyers if more commercial banks had allowed the client’s participation for a 10 per cent home loan. However, this trend has maintained the stability of our market, because our market is predominantly investment, not mortgage.

All those who had some money in the previous period invested in real estate, mostly apartments, and with the crown also in houses, ie cottages.

Still at least 10 buyers per apartment

Although it seems that the crown has slowed down the race for real estate, those who want to solve the housing issue in larger cities still have to count on serious competition. Those who are not fast, will not get to the apartment on time, because at least a dozen buyers go to one property. In some popular parts, such as New Belgrade, for one apartment, that figure goes to more than 20 buyers for one property on offer.

It is surprising that, judging by the statements of the agents, but also by the calculator of average prices per square meter on the halo ads portal in Belgrade, a square meter of an apartment in 2021 will cost an average of 1,980 euros. For new construction on popular locations, it is necessary to set aside around 3,500 euros per square meter, and on the outskirts of the city, the price is three to four times lower.

The average price also rises in the Belgrade on Water complex, where the price per square meter can be an incredible 9,500 euros.

In Novi Sad, according to their calculator, a square costs around 1,200 euros on average this year, and in Nis it can be found for around 750 euros.

Apartment for a day profitable and in times of pandemic, the best survived

Renting apartments for a day in Belgrade is profitable even during the pandemic, they say in the agendas, stating that there is currently a great interest of European tourists in Belgrade from June.

The manager of the company Bg Consulting 19, Marko Chetković, told Tanjug that it is still profitable to rent apartments on a daily basis, but that only the highest quality apartments have survived.

The pandemic of kovida 19 greatly affected the rent of apartments on a daily basis, the interlocutor states, and adds that half of the owners of apartments on a daily basis in the city have stopped engaging in this activity.

According to Chetković, from the beginning of the pandemic until now, there have been apartments on the market that have managed to cope with their quality.

He explains that these are apartments that stand out for their interior, technical equipment, quality of services, but also those that have parking provided for guests.

The occupancy of such apartments even during the pandemic is up to 50 percent, Chetković points out.

It indicates that the prices of such apartments for rent are lower by 25 to 30 percent, compared to March 2020.

When asked whether domestic or foreign guests were interested in the apartment for a day in the past year, he said that they were mostly domestic guests from other cities who had to stay in Belgrade, since there were no foreign tourists.

He adds that the apartment is currently rented by a small number of foreigners, but that there is a noticeable increase in the reservations of European tourists for June, July and August.

According to him, the business is slowly stabilizing, thanks to vaccination.

As the locations that will be the most attractive for rent in the coming period, Chetković singles out the strict center of Belgrade, the circle of "Two", New Belgrade, but also the part towards Surčun.