We can say with certainty that the seventh Serbian conference on the development of real estate and infrastructure is an event with a tradition that everyone is waiting for, and this year more tickets were requested.

Minister Tomislav Momirović opened the conference with a video message, emphasizing that talking about real estate and infrastructure is a privilege. The Minister said that even more investments will be made in this sector, as well as that new jobs will be created. State Secretary Aleksandra Damnjanovic addressed the gathering on behalf of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, noting that the Republic of Serbia, on the last published Doing Business list of the World Bank, out of 186 countries in the world, ranks ninth in the speed of issuing construction permits.

Prominent panelists included Aleksandar Antić, Mihailo Vesović, Mario Kijanović, Ary Naim, Paul Hickey, Vasilije Jaukovic, as well as Vladimir Vasic, who moderated the panel. Dubravka Djedovic Negre participated in the panel where investments and growth opportunities in this sector were discussed. Goran Vesić, as well as the prominent architect Marko Stojčić, spoke about the future, as everyone assessed, ambitious but realistic plans regarding the capital. Stylianos Tsoktouridis, Ervin Pašanović, Bryan Beaton and others spoke on the topic of commercial and housing development in Serbia and the region.

The conference ended with a panel of evaluators who shared their experiences with those present, as well as a conversation with each other, the panel was moderated by Danijela Ilić, and among the panelists spoke Dejan Hadzić on behalf of the Ministry of Finance.


The conference referred to world events, rising prices, unfavorable situation for investors, as well as the fact that the construction industry is largely dependent on imports, so further growth of real estate prices is expected due to rising construction prices, imported materials, but also due to shortages. workers.

Several panels spoke about the importance of green building, the benefits that such construction can bring in a few years, as well as the importance of informing the population about this, not only as a trend, but also as something that contributes to quality of life.

The conference gathered wonderful impressions of the guests who are looking forward to the next conference.


The conference is sponsored by the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, the Serbian Appraisers Association, the European Investment Bank, the Foreign Investors Council, the National Association of Appraisers, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Independent Court Experts and Real Estate Appraisers.

Many thanks to our sponsor Komercijalna Banka, as well as to the support of Alumil Yu Industry, they helped to hold this conference, as well as for our guests to enjoy the good atmosphere.

Media sponsors of the conference are Halo oglasi nekretnine, portal E2, Beobuild.rs, Sasomange.rs, Ekapija, and Kancelarijainfo.rs and Gradjevinarstvo.rs.

About the organizer:

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