Despite the crown, the state of emergency and the stagnation of the market, the second quarter of this year brought a rise in prices on the real estate market and the most expensive municipality when it comes to old buildings is Stari Grad, with an average price of 2,042 euros per square meter. new building Savski Venac, where the average price per square meter reaches a price of up to 2,979 euros.

"In the municipality of Stari Grad, the most expensive apartments are on Obilićev venac and Knez Mihailova, and the cheapest around Bajloni's market and Kopitareva gradina," 4zida told, adding that, although these figures seem unrealistic to the average Belgrade resident, for luxury real estate , and even those properties with a higher price and how there is demand in the capital.

And the most expensive apartments in Belgrade are sold in Belgrade on the water. An apartment in this place was sold last year for 1,380,000 euros, or as much as 9,124 euros per square meter.

On the other side of the bill, the cadastral municipality that offers the cheapest apartments is Stara Rakovica, where the average square meter in an old building will cost you 997 euros, and in a new building 1,077 euros.

Location, location, location ...

Despite the many factors that affect the price of real estate in Belgrade, the location of an apartment or house is still an item that will break for how much money it will sell for.

"Location is the most dominant factor that determines the price of real estate. To fully understand its impact, we must divide the location into micro and macrolocation," Cityexpert chief operating officer Milos Mitic told

Macrolocation, ie the part of the city where the property is located, mainly represents the starting point of the search of a certain group of buyers, while microlocation in some cases has an even stronger influence on defining the price and represents the position of the property within a certain part of the city. , kindergarten, public transport ...

When it comes to determining a location in Belgrade as good, there is a wide range of things that can affect that, says Mitic. This can be, for example, the proximity of a "traditionally expensive" part of the city, such as Senjak and Dedinje, but also the proximity of the city center, shops, schools, colleges, public transport.

"Very often, some new projects can significantly affect the price of real estate in microlocations, such as some new shopping centers, new prestigious settlements such as Belgrade on the water, closed settlements - condominiums, etc., everything that brings a new quality of life," he explains. Mitic.

The company 4zida for states some other factors in determining the price of a property, such as whether it is an old building or a new building, what material it is built of, what is its equipment, woodwork, layout, etc., but they also state location as crucial, especially in larger cities. We are looking for a center, great interest in New Belgrade

Apart from real estate in the center and in Vracar, there is a great demand for real estate in New Belgrade, which has become the business center of Belgrade in recent years.

Milos Mitic emphasizes that, given the circumstances with the pandemic and the economic situation on the market, small changes have taken place.

That is why houses outside Belgrade are very often sought, as well as cheaper apartments in Mirijevo, Karaburma and Voždovac.

Source: B92