The plot in question forms the central part of New Belgrade, and the boundary of the urban project includes the entire cadastral plot with an area of 10,641 m2. In recent decades, with the further development and transformation of this part of the city, a series of buildings with predominantly business purposes has been formed on the left side of Milutin Milanković Boulevard. Objects created in different periods under the influence of different architectural styles make the space dynamic and contrasting.

A typology of a semi-closed block is planned, in accordance with the intentions of the investor to form a high-standard residential and commercial building when it comes to exclusive housing and business. The building will have two vehicular accesses: one from the street inside the block, and the other from Omladinske Brigade Street.

An internal traffic surface is planned within the complex, which enables users to communicate easily within the complex, and at the same time represents a fire protection road. The construction of two buildings is planned. The residential-business building consists of three residential slats (Slat A, Slat B and Slat C), an underground garage for passenger vehicles, while the business building consists of business apartments. Residential buildings/lamellas are joined together in a unique composition. Lamelas have two levels of underground garage, ground floor, 8 floors and a detached floor. The edge lamellas cascade down towards the neighboring plots. On the ground floor of lamellas A, B and C, next to the entrance to the residential part of the buildings, business premises are planned in accordance with the planned purpose of the areas, forming a street front exclusively for business purposes towards Milutin Milankovića Boulevard and Omladinskih brigada Street.

The construction of 244 residential units is planned within the residential and commercial complex. On the floors in each of the three residential lamellas, 11 residential units of different structures are planned, which are designed flexibly with the possibility of reorganizing the space without major construction interventions. Towards the courtyard side of the plot, within the residential and commercial building, on the ground floor there are partially planned residential units with a corresponding courtyard, according to the urban planning documentation.



In the north-western part of the plot, the construction of a free-standing building of high standard is planned, with 2 floors + 6 floors. The building moves in a cascade towards the interior of the courtyard, which "opens" the space towards the atrium part of the plot. Common rooms (reception, vertical communications, etc.) are planned in the entrance part of the business building. Business apartments are planned on the floors (total of 52 apartments), where each floor can function independently.

It is planned to build a total of 398 parking spaces on two underground levels, of which 201 parking spaces were created on level -2, and 197 parking spaces on level -1. 20 parking spaces are provided for the disabled persons.

Phased construction of the complex is planned, with the first phase being the construction of the underground floors, while the construction of Lamela A is planned in phase 2. Lamela A will have a gross developed construction area of 10,480.18 m2. Phase 3 envisages the construction of Lamela B (BRGP 10,735.57 m2), while the construction of Lamela C is planned as part of the fourth phase. The planned BRGP Lamele C is 10,521.40 m2. In the fifth phase, a business building will be built.

The materialization of the facade consists of a combination of solid and transparent facade cladding placed in several planes. Solar panels are planned to be installed on the flat roofs of all buildings on the plot. Flat roofs will be protected by the necessary thermal and waterproofing, as well as by appropriate finishing.

The interior of the block is designed as a garden (maintained green areas) with lush greenery and a promenade.

The gross developed construction area of the building is 38,159.65 m2.

The conceptual solution was created by PFB Design from Belgrade.


Source: eKapija