According to this index, Serbia scored a score of 3.11, which puts it 47th out of 100 countries, followed by Slovenia and Croatia, which took 44th and 46th place, and in front of Bulgaria, ranked 49th is the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure. "Among the 10 countries that have made the most progress in the 2016-2018 period, Serbia is the fifth of the 10 countries that have made the biggest progress, and with Slovakia, the only European country in this category," the ministry said. Out of the total of seven areas measured by the index, Serbia received the best estimates in the area of ​​"transaction process" and "regulatory and legal framework", with a score of 1.9 and 2 respectively. Among the 100 countries listed on the list issued by one of the world's leading real estate companies, Jones Lang LaSalle (Jones Lang LaSalle), the UK's best-ranked country, with a record 1.24.

(source: b92)