Ziv Gigi has more than 15 years of managerial experience in Central and Eastern European real estate markets, developing and managing 450,000 sqm of office and retail projects throughout his career with GTC. Commencing in GTC in 2008, Mr Gigi served as a CFO for Bulgaria and Serbia, Country Manager of Romania and lately Country Manager of Bulgaria and Romania. In his current position, he will oversee all of the company’s operations in the office sector in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Croatia.

"Throughout his time with GTC, Ziv has proven to be an exemplary leader, going above and beyond what is required. His promotion to Executive Director SEE region is a consequence of his exceptional performance as well as part of GTC’s transformation. The time spent with GTC has allowed him to gain an understanding of the company from the inside out, which is why I am positive that he is perfect for this role. His experience is priceless. With this nomination, we want to strengthen the role of our regional leaders who best understand the local markets while keeping the continuity of our business based on almost 30 years of experience and providing strong support from the board of directors in day-to-day matters," said János Gárdai, Chief Operating Officer of GTC and member of GTC's Management Board.

"I am excited to begin a new chapter and pursue new ideas to strengthen our company’s position in the region. I am confident that my experience with GTC to date and time spent in the region will help me take over the role smoothly to even better support the company in growing the portfolio of brand-new projects and implementing operational excellence," commented Ziv Gigi, new GTC’s Executive Director SEE region.

Apart from his impressive expertise in development and asset management, Ziv Gigi is a certified public accountant (CPA) with over a decade of financial management experience specializing in raising capital and strategic planning. Prior to joining GTC, Ziv worked as an auditor for Ernst & Young Israel, and as a financial manager for a private developer in Hungary and Turkey.


Source: property-forum.eu