MV Investment was the sole participant in today's auction, so the bankrupt company Danube Riverside was sold at the initial price, along with Hotel Jugoslavija. The documentation was signed by Andreja Đulić, director of MV Investment, as stated by the portal.

The total value of the property was estimated at 6.53 billion dinars.

Upon payment of the bid price for Danube Riverside, Hotel Jugoslavija will transfer to MV Investment as a business space and a unique unit with a basement, ground floor, mezzanine, and eight floors, as well as city building land covering an area of ​​45,613 square meters.

As previously reported by Nova ekonomija, within Hotel Jugoslavija on the eight floors, there is a chandelier-ceiling which, in accordance with the decision of the Museum of Applied Arts since January 2023, has been designated as a good enjoying previous protection of the Museum of Applied Arts and represents part of the estimated property.

Additionally, within the hotel complex, there is a bust, the work of Aleksandar Zaric, which by decision of the National Museum of Serbia has been determined as a cultural asset and also represents part of the estimated property.

On the construction parcel totaling 45,613 square meters offered for sale, the area under the objects is 13,981 square meters.

However, this cadastral parcel is in joint ownership of Danube Riverside and MV Investment d.o.o., and "no legal demarcation has been made between them in terms of determining co-ownership shares in the land."

The parcel has not been physically divided between the companies.

That's not all; a litigation process is ongoing before the Commercial Court in Belgrade, initiated by Luka Beograd against Danube Riverside and MV Investment regarding a portion of the cadastral parcel comprising this property.

The building of Hotel Jugoslavija was opened in 1969 and was designed by architect Lavoslav Horvat.

When built, Hotel Jugoslavija was the largest and most modern hotel in the SFRY. It had seven floors and accompanying buildings with 1,500 rooms, 1,100 beds in a total of 600 rooms, and 23 suites.

Some of the hotel guests were Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, astronaut Neil Armstrong, US Presidents Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter, and Libyan leader Gaddafi, as stated in the document.

The hotel was bombed in 1999, but the entire hotel has still not been renovated, only some of its parts.

Until December 24, 2011, Hotel Jugoslavija was under preliminary protection. This means that the hotel was presumed to have the characteristics of cultural property, and after the elaboration, it could have been declared cultural property.

However, instead of that, the Institute for the Protection of Monuments erased Hotel Jugoslavija from the list of properties under preliminary protection.

As stated in the document, the reason was that "the latest assessment of the situation" revealed that significant damage was caused to the hotel during the bombing, the original interior was partially destroyed, and then changed.

As previously reported by Nova ekonomija, MV Investment, a subsidiary of Milenijum tim and co-owner of the hotel and land where it is located, planned to build a "mixed urban center" in the hotel area, i.e., a residential and commercial complex.