In the value of real estate turnover, apartments had the largest share, of which the most expensive was the one that cost an incredible 9,115 euros per square meter.

From January to March this year, 32,607 real estates were bought or sold in Serbia, which is 6.7 percent more than in the same period in 2021.

According to the report of the Republic Geodetic Authority on the situation on the real estate market in the first quarter of 2022, most real estate was sold in Belgrade - 7,946, 2,754 in Novi Sad, 1,036 in Nis and 648 in Kragujevac.

1.6 billion euros were spent on these real estates, which is an increase of as much as 22.2 percent compared to the same quarter last year and testifies to the growth of real estate prices, and of the total amount of more than half, or 807.9 million euros Belgrade.

Most of the money went to apartments

According to Danas, the largest share in the value of turnover in the first three months had apartments with 57 percent, or 889.5 million euros.

143 million euros were spent on residential buildings, and 134 million euros on construction land. The turnover on business premises amounted to 81.5 million euros, and on agricultural land to 46.3 million euros.

According to the method of payment, only 12 percent of the real estate was paid from the loan, which is a decrease of four percentage points compared to the same period last year.

When it comes to apartments, the share of loans is 28 percent, which is as much as 10 percentage points less than at the beginning of 2021.

The minimum price of a square meter in Belgrade on the water was 2,615 euros, and the average was 3,357 euros.

In terms of percentage, most apartments were bought on credit in Nis - 40 percent, in Belgrade 31 percent, and in Kragujevac only 25 percent.

The most expensive apartment sold in the first three months of this year is on the water in Belgrade for an incredible 9,115 euros per square meter.

According to RGZ data, 331 apartments were sold in Belgrade on the water during this period. The minimum price in this part of the city was 2,615 euros, and the average was 3,357 euros per square meter.

The average price per square meter in Belgrade on the water is 3,357 euros; Photo: Sara Pilipović

Old construction is more in demand than new

On average, a square in the West 65 block cost 3,150 euros, and in Novi Dorcol 3,130 euros. In the K district, the average square meter sold cost 2,820 euros, and in Wellport, 2,813 euros.

At the level of the whole of Belgrade, the average price of new construction was 2,615 euros per square meter, while the price of old construction was 1,680 euros, and it is interesting that more apartments were sold in the old than in the new building.

In Novi Sad, new construction cost an average of 1,505 euros, cheaper than 1,517 euros in the old building, while in Nis, a square meter cost 1,003 euros in the new and 1,020 euros in the old building.

Of the large cities, the cheapest was Kragujevac with 1,065 euros in the new and 810 euros in the old building.