NOVELLA Business & Residence, the first mixed-use business and residential complex of its kind in Novi Sad, stands out as a pioneer in combining commercial and residential space, emphasizing sustainability and ecological consciousness as key values. Through the application of innovative technologies to reduce environmental impact, such as integrating green spaces, solar panels, and fast chargers for electric vehicles, NOVELLA creates a healthier environment for its users, promoting responsible behavior and contributing to environmental conservation.

With large glass openings and comfortable terraces, green areas, and a park in the central part of the complex, walking paths, a fountain, underground parking throughout the complex, and chargers for electric vehicles, the complex is oriented towards the natural environment and green construction that beneficially affects space users and creates a new image of environmentally sustainable Novi Sad.

RAPID INVEST – reliability, trust, vision

For these reasons, the investor of the mentioned complex, RAPID INVEST, plays a key role as a partner of the upcoming ArchyEnergy 2024 event. Since 2007, the investor has set the pillars of its business: quality, trust, and accuracy, which still form the foundation of its development and operations. With particular emphasis on trust and adaptability to customer needs, construction quality, Rapid Invest is recognized as one of the most reliable investors not only in Novi Sad but also in Serbia and the region.

Through a professional conference and a trade exhibition to be held on April 8th and 9th at the Master Center, Novi Sad, the joint commitment of the organizers and the key partner to innovation and high standards in the field of integrated residential and commercial complexes will be highlighted. The main goal of the conference is to bring together professionals from the construction and architecture spheres to exchange knowledge, experiences, innovations, and networking. The platform will allow participants to familiarize themselves with the latest trends and technologies in architecture and sustainable construction, as well as to exchange ideas and create new contacts for future projects.

Architectural Innovations for Sustainable Communities: Panel #1 opens the two-day ArchyEnergy program

The two-day ArchyEnergy conference program will begin with a panel on "INNOVATIONS IN THE DESIGN OF RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL COMPLEXES: A Step Towards Sustainable, Smart Communities".

Architect Miloš Petrović, director of the design department at, which is also the signatory of the NOVELLA project, will start the panel with a presentation, highlighting the key aspects of innovative design implemented in the complex.

"The architecture of residential buildings is of modern design, with clean rhythmic forms and warm materials, dominated by brick that gives warmth to the living environment. All apartments are bright with large openings, comfortable terraces, and beautiful views of Fruška Gora, the inner courtyard and park, or the city panorama. Special emphasis is on high construction quality, the highest standards in sound protection, insulation, and the application of structural and finishing materials and equipment in the apartments," emphasizes the project signatory, architect Petrović,

Executive Director of Rapid Invest, Bojan Baturan, will present the perspective of the Novella Business & Residence project and key roles in its implementation. At the same time, by participating in the exchange of expert opinions with other panelists, he will endeavor to answer the question of the role of innovative technologies in creating energy-efficient buildings, as well as spaces in which people will not only reside but also enjoy.

Highlighting partnerships with companies that worked together with Rapid Invest on the NOVELLA complex, Baturan will emphasize the importance of collaboration and synergy in realizing the vision of a sustainable, comfortable, and functional space.

Solar energy for all NOVELLA complex users – ENERGY NET and RAPID INVEST Partnership

Users of the NOVELLA complex will have numerous benefits from the installation of solar panels on the roof.

First and foremost, solar energy collected through solar collectors installed on the roofs of residential buildings will be the primary source for heating domestic hot water in the complex, resulting in significant savings for residents and users of the Novella Business & Residence complex.

The panels will generate electricity through solar cells, which will be used to power various needs within the complex, including heating hot water.

EnergyNet, Rapid Invest, and jointly explore the potential of additional alternative energy sources in the complex.

Representative of ENERGY NET company, Goran Lalić, who is also the director of the Advise Institute, will present the technical aspects of implementing solar panels and how they will contribute to reducing energy costs and preserving the environment in the NOVELLA complex.

Uniting luxury and practicality in NOVELLA Interior – Porcelanosa quality, elegance, functionality

NOVELLA can certainly pride itself on its partnership with the exclusive representative of the Spanish brand Porcelanosa, an international leader in ceramics and sanitary ware present in nearly 150 countries. The exclusive representative of the Porcelanosa Group in Serbia is the company Energy Net.

As part of the space furnishing solutions concept, the NOVELLA complex allows the choice of the highest quality products from a wide range of Porcelanosa Group products, which will be further presented by Jelena Maravić Modrić, Sales Manager of Home Concept Porcelanosa by Energy Net, at the panel.

The partnership with Porcelanos creates a space that not only exudes comfort and aesthetics but also establishes the NOVELLA complex as a synonym for luxury and functionality.

Innovative smart technologies in the NOVELLA complex

All apartments in the residential part of the complex will be ready for Smart home technology, which will be implemented by OBLO Living, a company specializing in this type of solution. Penthouses on the eighth floor will already have a basic Smart system installed for lighting, blinds, and other functions.

In the courtyard, for which a special project was created by Landscape, 4 smart benches with Wi-Fi network and chargers for mobile devices will be installed, enabling City Gecko.

Representatives of OBLO Living company, Predrag Eremić, as well as Nikola Maksimčuk from City Gecko, will also be present at the panel, providing additional value and innovation within the complex.

Join us on April 8th and 9th at the Master Center, Novi Sad

Already at the beginning of the panel, we expect plenty of useful information, emphasizing the importance of finding peace and balance in the fast-paced life, especially in an environment where comfort and rest are necessary, and home and workspace are places we perceive in that way.

If the conference is judged by its introduction, we can anticipate the rest of the rich conference program. See you on April 8th and 9th.