PLANNED construction of the tunnel Savska - Danube slope, could change the appearance of Stara Palilula. Instead of the overburdened industrial complex, the building of the Belgrade Cotton Combine in the Despot Stefan 109 Boulevard and Poenkarovoj 22, 116 years old and the Old Slaughterhouse built in 1895, will be restored.

Plan for detailed regulation of the tunnel Savska - the Danube slope, adopted by the City Assembly last week, unambiguously includes the plan of reconstruction of these facilities and construction of new ones.

The Belgrade Cotton Combine complex is one of the most well-preserved factory circuits. As a representative representative of the industrial heritage of Belgrade, he has long enjoyed the status of a protected property. It's the same with the Old Slaughterhouse.

The city plans to transform these facilities and make a mixed city center, or to build parts for housing and commercial content. There should be a residential building, shopping mall, business premises, restaurants and other catering facilities, a hotel.

On the ground floor of one of the planned facilities near Poenkareov, it is planned to create a kindergarten of more than 650 square meters, which could accommodate 80 little ones. There is also the possibility of building a multi-storey garage.

However, as stated in the documentation, the preservation and reconstruction of the Cotton Combat facilities along Poenkareove, where the production facility and warehouses were, were obligatory. Interventions in the interior are possible, but the outer appearance must be preserved. The cladding will also be restored, as well as the factory areas, while preserving the current facade appearance is cited as an essential item for future reconstruction. In the solution of the future look of this complex, it is necessary to include a chimney and a boiler room, as characteristic elements of industrial architecture.

Other buildings of the "Cotton Combine" can be demolished and build new ones.The Slaughterhouse building as well as the offices within the complex will be renovated. Other objects can be superimposed, renewed, but there is also need to preserve the outside.


BUILDINGS Old slaughterhouses consist of a complex built from 1895 to 1898, and were the first project of engineer Miloš Savičić. The slaughterhouse also initiated the construction of the railway, and within the complex there were precipices, refrigerators, workers' apartments, a hotel, a postal building. During the Second Sword War, many objects were destroyed.


source: Novosti

Foto: Z.Jovanović