"Office Space for Work," as we've previously discussed, is a coworking community ideally located near the Futoška Market, at Gajevoj 1–3. The first floor is designated for freelancers, and now, joining the story on the floor above, are teams working together.

The payment is based on the number of seats in the office, with the price varying depending on the length of the contract. The minimum lease for office space is three months, with options for six months and one year, as we've learned from our fellow citizen Luka Mijić, who conceived and manages this community.

After paying the rent for a certain period, teams no longer have any expenses they would have to pay if they were renting traditional office space. Cleaning of offices, internet, water, tea, and coffee are provided... In addition, they can use two meeting rooms, six phone booths for online meetings, a mini waiting area, and a chill room with a kitchenette, scanner, and printer, located on the ground floor.

That's precisely the greatest advantage of coworking spaces because you don't have to worry about anything extra; someone else takes care of it for you.

"This is the ideal option for startups, for young people starting their businesses. Also, this option is good for companies whose main headquarters are in another city, so they need office space but with as few obligations as possible. Here, they have someone 'in charge,' namely me, who solves all their questions," says Luka for the portal Moj Novi Sad.

Their goal, as he explained to us, is to connect individuals and teams and over time build a community of entrepreneurs who will collaborate and help each other.

"For example, if we have a group of designers and a group of web developers, of course, they will knock on the neighboring doors. We try to go as far away from that classic corporate sense as possible; it's never boring here, and something is always happening," describes Mijić.

They recently celebrated their first anniversary, so on that day, they all treated themselves to cake and pastries in the chill room, accompanied by music. From time to time, they organize some community lunches, so they hang out over pizza or pancakes. Occasionally, on weekends, various business-educational events are organized, where all users are invited, such as business meetups, where they present their businesses or projects they are working on.

Starting from March 31, "Office Space for Work" will host a painting workshop called "Paint with Dogs" every Saturday and Sunday, where people interested in amateur painting will gather, accompanied by drinks and socializing with several dogs, which can be adopted afterward. This initiative will combine entertainment and humanity.

It's possible, as our interlocutor says, for several individuals to gather and jointly rent an office, as it's not a prerequisite that it must be a legal entity.

All the equipment in the space is of extremely high quality and arranged for pleasant and comfortable work, such as ergonomic chairs, work desks, ventilation provided in all rooms...

"Office Space for Work" is open every day from 9 am to 9 pm, but all users can have 24-hour access if needed.

Promotional prices are currently available, and you can get more information by calling 062 961 27 98.

You can find more about Office Coworking on their website: http://www.spaceforwork.rs or on their Instagram profile.