Investment in real estate in Serbia reached a new record level in the first quarter of this year with the amount of 1.6 billion euros, which is an increase of 23.1 percent compared to the same period in 2021, the Republic Geodetic Authority (RGZ) announced today.

The amount of money invested in real estate in the first months has doubled compared to the first quarter of 2019, since when there has been a steady increase in turnover in this market.

The number of concluded sales contracts also shows continuous growth. In the reporting period, a total of 32,164 contracts were concluded, which is 6.7 percent more than in the first quarter of last year.

The RGA points out that the number of concluded sales contracts in the first quarter is as much as 47.1 percent higher than in the same period in 2019.

Most of the money in the turnover of all types of real estate at the level of Serbia was invested in apartments. 889.5 million euros were invested in this type of real estate, which represents a 57% share in the total investment in real estate.

Apartments are most often paid from loans, and the share of their payment in the first quarter of 2022 is 28 percent.

In the largest cities in Serbia, apartments were paid the most from loans (40%), followed by Novi Sad (33%), Belgrade (31%) and Kragujevac (25%), according to a statement from the Republic Geodetic Authority.