Practically, the months ahead will bring more intensive sale of apartments, both in larger and smaller cities, and the main question is what will happen to the price per square meter. The price is more questionable, especially since there were no falls or significant oscillations during the previous crisis period.

The current situation is as follows - the real estate market is stable, demand is still higher than supply, new construction is in the focus of buyers. And all that, when added together, gives a clear calculation and message - a cheaper apartment in the spring should not be expected, but rather it should be said that the prices could be even slightly higher.

And that could be a trend in the capital, but also in other big cities in Serbia, where it has also been shown that the price per square meter is stable, even slightly higher than in the same period last year.

"Prices on the real estate market are still very stable. Demand is higher than supply, and as long as that is the case - we do not expect a drop in real estate prices. Extremely high demand for new construction, apartments are sold at the beginning of construction, literally while is a building in the foundations, and there are not enough second-hand apartments on offer ", said Anita Pešić, development manager of the site

According to the information from the site, in the last month there have been no major oscillations in terms of prices. Observing Belgrade, a growth of about 1.5 percent was even noticed in the city center, and a slight decline on Mirijevo and Palilula. As expected, apartments in Dorcol and Vracar are being sold at the highest prices.

A slight rise in prices was also recorded in other large cities, and despite many expectations that the corona crisis could bring down the value of the square.

As for Novi Sad, the Grbavica area has a minimal price increase per square meter of about one percent.

Larger oscillations were recorded in Nis. Thus, in the settlement of Pantelej, the price increased by three percent, and in Durlan by more than seven percent. In Pancevo, the minimum price increase is about one percent compared to the previous month. And all these are prices that included both old and new construction in the calculation.

Experts also point out that more expensive material could now further raise the price per square meter.