Everyday work in the office brings with it tension, sorrow and nervousness. There is little or no time to excercise in nature or in any other place, so the question is how to activate your body and how to deal with daily pressures more easily. If you are ready to bear with strange and judgmental look on your olleagues' faces, you can make a gym from your office and do basic exercises every day to relax your body.

Here's the advice of Freedom2Train's founder, Steve Mellor, how you can workout during a working day:

Turning office chair

A good way to strengthen your abdominals and flatten that belly. Do the exercise by dropping to your knees and putting your hands on the chair. Insert the stomach and gently move the chair to the left and to the right of you, but do not move your knees at any moment. When you feel that you can no longer, drag the chair toward you. You can do this exercise in three series ten times. Remember to put all phones in silence to avoid disturbance. And another important note, this exercise can only be done with the help of chairs with wheels.


The best exercise for legs and glutes are squats. In the office, you can do them by standing in front of your chair and crouching until you touch the chair with your buttocks. Keep the straight back and chests raised up while pushing your weight to heels. Do ten squats in three series. You can hold your hands on your hips or you can stretch them out in front of you.


Here's another good exercise for tightened legs and buttocks. Put your hands on your hips and make a big step forward. Drop your back knee down to the floor, but only to barely touch it, do not put your weight on it! The leg that goes ahead should be under 90 degre angle and you should straighten your back. Do the exercises 10 times on one, then on the other leg.

Exercises for triceps

The triceps make up two-thirds of your arm. Unless you want them to be sloppy and soft, you must be sure to do good exercises. Here's one such. Turn your back to the table and place your palms on the edge of the table. Bend and straighten your elbows in 90 degrees manner and hold on strong! Repeat this exercise in three series 15 times. If you want to make this exercise even more difficult, lift your feet to the chair.

Chair Sit-ups

Another way to have nice and lean stomach muscles are sittups. Lie on your back, lift your legs on the chair so they are are bent at 90 degrees. Place your hands behind your head and lift yourself into a seated position so that your shoulders touch your knees. Repeat the exercise 10 times in three series. You can also do this exercise by wrapping your left shoulder touching your right knee, and then vice versa.

Turn the stairs into the gym

And if you're too busy you can accelerate your metabolism by replacing the elevator with stairs when you go to work. Try to skp every secon step, and alternate between fast step by step and jumping over one. This is one of the easiest ways to include some kind of exercise in everyday activities.

Removing stress

Do not forget that we work best and keep all the ends in our hands only when we are focused on the task. But sometimes things are happening without our influence and out of our control, and then all we need is a moment to breathe in and calm our thoughts. When experiencing some stress in the office, give yourself 5 minutes and walk to another room or to the other end of the office space and focus on your breathing. The goal is to hear yourself breathing and focus on the sound and breath that should come from your stomach. It's good for some people to close their eyes while doing this, so you can try.

Rest your brain

In order to keep your body and mind relaxed, organize reminders and schedule breaks. If necessary, install a reminder to remind you every 2 hours for walking, leaving for 5 minutes from your office (it is ideal to go outside but not necessary). Changing the environment combined with walking helps to "reset" thoughts because oxygen helps with reflection, alertness and focus. The second reminder should remind you to take a break at work and drink a glass of water.

(source: Elle.rs)