The amount of this compensation to property owners paid on legalization of buildings or for new construction, has not changed, but they changed the zone for which the fees apply. instead of the previous six, Niš will continue to be divided into eight zones. The division was carried out using criteria such as utility equipment of a certain part of the city, its connection with the center and the quality of roads in the area.

For owners of houses and apartments in the first zone fee will amount to 5,900 dinars per square meter in the second 5,700 dinars, 5,200 dinars in the third and fourth 4,920 dinars. The fee for residential buildings in the fifth zone will continue to 3,940 dinars, 1,890 dinars in the sixth, seventh and eighth 1,200 dinars area of 945 thousand. Compensation for land for commercial buildings will range from 15,740 dinars to 1210 dinars per square meter, for facilities production activities in the range of 5.900 to 945 dinars, and for all other objects in the range of 5.900 to 945 dinars. According to the decision of the City Council building owners to calculate the amount of compensation plade suddenly be granted a discount of 30%, and those in their manufacturing facilities hire About 30 employees will be granted an additional discount of 20%. For objects that do not have enough parking spaces, all the while these structures were built without building permits or during construction deviated from the building permit, the owners will continue to have to pay when the legalization and additional 600,000 dinars for each missing spaces. couple of these will be built a new parking lot and a public garage.