The building of the former American Embassy in Knez Milos street no. 50 is to go on sale. The initial price has not been announced yet but the estimate show it could total some EUR 11 mil.

Until 1945, the building was privately-owned and as of 1950, until July this year when it was moved to Dedinje in Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra no 92, the USA diplomatic office was here.

Today,17.000 square meters is waiting for a new owner and it is still not familiar whether it will be a residential or a business space.

Real estate sales consultant from Cushman & Wakefield, Srdjan Vujicic says that the lot and the former USA embassy building are to be sold in line with the general urban development plan which implies business and residential square meters.

- The exact distribution ratio will be defined by the buyer with the Urban Development Bureau. The initial price is EUR 11 mil - Vujicic says.

Vujicic says that it is important to mention that it is a State Department-owned building and that there are no legal difficulties.

- The fact that was running in media is certain requirements of individual private entities which they will have to dress to the state of Serbia and not to the facility or the future buyer - a consultant says.

There are interested parties for the purchase of the building in Knez Milos 50 but due to specific features of the facility, the agency cannot reveal their names.