Last year was marked by financial uncertainty in many areas, and the real estate market is a rare exception.

The turnover in this area in 2020 was close to a billion and a half euros, while in relation to 2018, the prices of apartments in some central Belgrade municipalities are higher by 60 percent.

The sudden jump in prices, in addition to the money saved, was also influenced by the development of infrastructure, the growth of the purchasing power of young IT professionals, who are becoming serious investors in Serbia, and the inevitable factor is the black business zone.

Goran Rodić, vice president of the Construction Chamber of Serbia, says that it is known that a good part of the money is laundered through construction and investment works.

"There is everything, not just black money. However, one of the main reasons why there is so much turnover is because people have activated their savings, both dinar and foreign currency, fearing that the financial system will burst due to the corona and interest they are unstimulating and that is why they invest in real estate. Almost 80 percent is a purchase for cash, "he stressed.

The other thing, he adds, is the arrival of foreigners who buy real estate, apartments and business premises, but also land.