The real estate sold in Serbia in December was worth a record 698 million euros, and the amount of money on the real estate market was 48.7 percent higher than in December 2020 and 34.1 percent higher than in December 2019. According to the latest "Report from the real estate market for December 2021" of the Republic Geodetic Authority (RGZ), of the total amount of money, about 48 percent, or almost half, was used to buy apartments. Compared to November 2021, the amount of money on the market in December 2021 is higher by 21.6 percent.

"During the last month, 15,528 contracts for the sale of real estate were concluded in Serbia, which is 2,738 contracts more than in December 2020. Of the total funds for all types of real estate in December 2021, 12 percent were realized," they say. RGZ.

In Serbia, in December 2021, 27 percent of apartments were paid with credit funds. By regions, apartments were paid the most from loans in Belgrade - 31 percent, then in Vojvodina 28 percent, in Southern and Eastern Serbia 26 percent and in Sumadija and Western Serbia 18 percent.

Poslednjeg meseca 2021. godine prodato je 5.013 stanova, odnosno za oko 1.000 više nego u decembru 2020. Značajno je povećan i promet poslovnog prostora, sa 300 u 2020. godini na 420 u decembru prošle godine. Prodato je 1.590 garažnih mesta, što je za oko 460 više u odnosu na isti mesec prethodne godine, a povećana je i prodaja garaža, sa 46 na 63.

Broj prodatih vikendica zadržao se na nivou iz decembra 2020. godine, kada ih je prometovano oko 110, dok je značajno povećan i broj prodatih kuća, sa 1.754 u decembru 2020. na 2.442 u istom mesecu prošle godine.