At the moment when the whole region is trying to bring rich sheikhs to their countries, Montenegro is obviously determined to win in the end. Sheikh Zayed, the unifier and founder of the United Arab Emirates, has recently got a street in Podgorica!

As it was announced at the opening ceremony of this street, long-awaited grandiose Atlas Capital Center, a joint investment of the Atlas Capital Group from Montenegro and the royal family from Abu Dhabi, that is, the Capital Investment company, will soon be completed.

Atlas Group President Dusko Knezevic told the daily newspaper Pobjeda that Atlas Capital Center, worth EUR 140 million, would accommodate a number of diplomatic missions and business offices of the world`s most famous companies and brands.

- At this moment, when we still feel the heavy consequences of the crisis, we can say that the work will be finished this autumn, despite the inevitable extensions of completion deadlines. This is why today, when we stand in front of this building that changes the appearance of the city and sets new standards for construction, energy efficiency and environment-friendly building, we have a reason to be very proud, both we who built it and our fellow citizens - said Dusko Knezevic.

eKapija will now present you several animations showing how this center should look like as well as a photo of the building site, and will also give you a hint on what features this future business center will have.

Atlas Capital Center is a blend of business, commercial and residential zone spanning a total of about 93,000 square meters. It is situated in the central part of the city, across the road from Moraca Sports Center. This location is bordered by Cetinjski Put Road, Ilije Plamenca Boulevard and Ljubljanska Street. Besides, the facility is directly connected to Dzordza Vasingtona Boulevard and Revolucije Boulevard.

As it was announced on the official website of Atlas Capital Center, the business part of the complex is comprised of two units and a hotel in the middle. The ground floor and the -1 level will serve as a commercial zone in Atlas Capital Center. The residential part will comprise five residential buildings featuring 90 luxury business suites among other things.

The author of designs for this residential and business center is BusinessArt, a company headquartered in Italy, which operates in Montenegro, Croatia, and the USA.

Business Zone

Glass façade is a recognizable sign of the business zone of Atlas Capital Center. The business part comprises two business towers, one on each side of the complex, and a hotel in the middle, and should occupy a total surface area of about 32,500 square meters.

- Office space will meet all the requirements of contemporary office operations. Both towers will have a reception desk, and will be equipped with modern fire alarm, surveillance, control and central air-conditioning systems.

The top floor in one of the towers will feature a restaurant with a balcony.

Mediterranean-style Shopping

The shopping zone of Atlas Capital Center will be situated on the ground floor of all parts of the facility and its -1 level. Spanning about 14,000 square meters, this zone is directly accessible from main city streets.


The business hotel is located between the two business towers. Occupying a surface area of 9,700 square meters, this four-star hotel will have a capacity of about 133 rooms, and will comprise a conference room, spa and fitness center, lounge bar, restaurant...

Underground Parking Lot

According to the plan, Atlas Capital Center will feature about 800 parking spaces on three underground floors, and will use so-called Garage Management System that makes it easier to find a vacant parking place or book one among other things.

Announcements and Expectations

The Capital Investment company from the UAE signed an agreement on joint investment in the Atlas business center project in Podgorica back in 2007.

The opening of this complex has been awaited for a long time, and deadlines are constantly changing. Last December Dusko Knezevic announced to the Podgorica daily Pobjeda that the official opening ceremony would take place before the start of the summer season 2013, but that deadline has already been breached. Therefore, this announcement that Atlas' empire will be officially opened this autumn has drawn a great attention.


Source: eKapija