Began construction of residential and office complex in New Belgrade Block 63 The project consists of two phases, and the first to be built large underground parking garage and four residential buildings with a total of 91 housing unit.

location of this new apartment block is one of the plots in the business and commercial area between the northern and southern part of Block 63, not far from the newly Park and Immocentar. It is evident here and there was a change of destination, as the central block area envisioned as part of commercial activities and recreation.However, the project did not monofunkcionalan, but will next residential part of the second stage and get the business wing of the northern part of the plot.

During the first phase, which has recently started being built about 11,500 square meters, including a large underground parking garage that will connect the two parts of the complex. Area housing part is 7804m2, and the surface of the underground garage 3787m2. Floor number is P +4 + Ps, while the ground floor will house 18 bars and commercial purposes. The average size of apartments in this block is 52 square meters with a variety of structures, and points out that most of the apartments will be triple-oriented.

Upon completion of the first phase is planned and the other where it will be erected in business building of 5100m2 whose purpose will be determined later. Investor complex the company "Basal" from Belgrade. Work performed construction company "Next", and the deadline for the completion of the first phase 31 December 2014th See the material on the project, as well as fresh photos from the spot.