The real estate market in Belgrade is the largest market in Serbia. It is also the seat of the largest University Center, as well as numerous companies.
The city center is popularly called the "circle of two trams" and all Belgraders know that it is a place that is close to the main seats of culture, history, education, popular city places… It is the heart of the urban part of Belgrade.
When it comes to selling apartments, Belgrade is attractive, but the center has always been the most desirable place because it is well connected with other parts of the city. When the apartment is used for renting, this is a location where it is good to have even the smallest studio because it will surely have tenant students from one of the nearby faculties - Law, Mechanical Engineering, Economics.
Old buildings are mostly found in the center of the city, but in other parts, apartments for sale in newly built complexes are also attractive.
The average price of a new building is around 2,300 euros per m2, and the most expensive square meter was sold for over 9,000 euros per square meter. The price of old buildings is higher than anywhere else in Serbia and amounts to about 1,700 € / m2.