The development of this city block was a topic few years earlier, but numerous facts changed in the meantime. We are now presented with a new solution concept for this block, which will most likely enter into realization in the third quarter of this year. The investor of the project is domestic construction company "Napred". The building is standing out on its dimensions, especially when compared with other existing new constructions on the right-side of Milutin Milankovic Boulevard. In this sense, it will visually aesthetically and functionally contribute to breaking down a row of closed and low-rise facilities that always stood as misplaced and somewhat limited the functional development of the entire area. The new complex in block 41a will house a relatively large retail center. It also carries certain exclusivity, as it will be the first facility of long-heralded French retail chain "Carrefour" in Belgrade and in Serbia. The shopping center will have 40,000 square meters of gross space and it will occupy ground floor and two floors above. Below the building will be constructed underground garage on two levels which will also cover around 38,000 square meters. Two residential towers will rise from the shopping ceneter oriented toward the Omladinskih brigada Street and Milutin Milankovic Boulevard. The location where the planned complex is situated allows the construction of tall buildings, between 50-100 meters high. Having in mind that detailed regulation plan is still being produced, it is not yet entirely sure how tall these towers will be in the end. The investor is interested in the maximum number of floors, but it is the decision of the authorities to grant the request. The towers will certainly have more than 75 meters, but if authorities can loosen their hard stance of high-rise, this time Belgrade could opt to construct a high-rise building after many years. The entire complex will be built simultaneously and in the further process of adopting the detailed regulation plan there is a possibility that this housing project could have greater number of floors then presented in the 3D renderings. Start of the construction is planned for the third quarter of this year, while the shopping center according to the current plans will be opened before end of 2015. See exclusive 3D renderings of a new project in Block 41a.