With the aim of responding to globally established standards regarding business complexes such as those found in major European cities, AFI City Zmaj represents a domestic response to all challenges when it comes to business complexes. With its modern architectural solutions and diverse amenities, AFI City Zmaj embodies the ambition directed towards meeting the demands set by the global market.

When it comes to choosing a location for business, key factors such as connectivity, functionality, tranquility, inspirational surroundings, and even parking spaces become essential. The most impressive European business complexes are often stationed in central city locations, offering excellent connectivity and unlimited opportunities for business growth. However, considering that employees highly value tranquility, AFI City Zmaj, with its location, provides space for unlimited creativity and freedom in a position that is away from the everyday city hustle, just 13 minutes from the airport, 17 minutes from the city center, and a one-minute walk from the nearest railway station, providing access to all key locations in the city.

Considering the functionality of space, analytical data shows that employees appreciate and seek brilliant business spaces that offer more than just a workplace. Research shows that 89% of employees say they are happier when working in a shared space, and under the same conditions, there is a 68% lower likelihood of experiencing burnout when connected in this way. This is where the key advantage of business complexes like AFI City Zmaj lies, as they are subject to individual preferences and changes in space, as well as the overall experience that inspires and motivates employees to perform at the highest level.

There are cafes and restaurants that employees will visit during breaks, vibrant greenery surrounding the entire complex, outdoor chess, and many creative corners. The fact that 1 in 3 employees quits due to boredom will become a thing of the past with the mentioned amenities.

When designing the AFI City Zmaj business park, investors thought of everything, so they provided spacious parking at the tranquil location of the complex, which is also a crucial factor. In the first phase of the project, more than 450 parking spaces have been provided, and in the endeavor to provide the best for future employees, AFI City Zmaj will reclaim an average of 90 hours per year that employees spend searching for parking, allowing them to use that time to enjoy a peacefully started day in an environment ideal for success.

As employee satisfaction and performance are of paramount importance, achieving a high level simultaneously is not easy. Statistics show that employees who take a 90-minute break have 30% greater focus during work, and a well-spent break in a fantastically organized business space, where they can meet various inspirational people, will definitely enable happiness and productivity at an admirable level.

Therefore, if an employer considers all the key factors mentioned when choosing a business space and decides on AFI City Zmaj business park, there is a great chance of directing their business towards achieving global trends and creating future global business standards.