Construction of a residential and business complex in Block 67a, which has been written about for a long time now, still attracts the attention of people living in the capital, and it has recently been unveiled how this building in New Belgrade should look like.

Architects, the Zap company from Belgrade, have published on their website the first illustrations of the future complex, that is, preliminary designs, whereas final designs are still in preparation.

The gross surface of both residential and business space within this complex at the corner of streets Jurija Gagarina and Omladinskih Brigada is 137,000 square meters.

Commercial and business facilities to be built facing Jurija Gagarina Street (hotel, outlets, etc.) will have the ground floor, 12 aboveground floors, and the attic. KAs people at the City Town Planning Secretariat earlier explained to eKapija, this part of the complex will also span two undeground floors.

Buildings in this zone are designed to underline the business character of the area stretching directly along Jurija Gagarina Street.

Residential buildings will be situated within the complex, and should have the ground floor, six floors above the ground as well as the attic and an underground floor. The total gross surface of all aboveground floors is 104,240 square meters. Underground floors will span a total of 32,792 square meters.

The complex in Block 67a, in the vicinity of Delta City shopping center, should be built in phases (four stages), and the investor is the Deka Inzenjering company.

The owners of this company are former directors of Marbo Product, Andrej Jovanovic and Bojan Milovanovic.