He stated that the indicator for the latter is the number of issued building permits.

"The Secretariat for Urbanism and Construction Affairs issued building permits for more than a million square meters, the Ministry of Construction for between 250 and 300 thousand square meters, and permits for a certain number of square meters were issued by seventeen city municipalities. We have almost two million square meters for the third year in a row. "Sales are going equally well. After the end of the corona state, we had a drastic increase in sales, which exceeded several times in June and July last year, which shows that people are willing to invest in real estate and have confidence in a system that works at the highest level." , Stojčić pointed out.

In a statement for Kurir, he assessed that Belgrade is today the largest construction site in Europe, ie that it has the largest number of built square meters per capita. It is a sign that we are a stable city and country, that the economy is healthy enough and that we can count on something like that for at least another two years, he added.

"Construction in Belgrade is one of the most important direct and indirect economic branches. The number of cranes is about three hundred, they are the specifics of larger construction sites, but smaller or medium-sized buildings of two to five thousand square meters are not negligible," said Stojcic.

He expressed hope that there will be even more cranes, but that during the new construction, care will be taken to preserve the old buildings.

"We are fighting for every building that is determined to have elements of cultural heritage, and none of them can be demolished, nor will its architecture be disturbed," Stojčić emphasized.

In that sense, the previous protection for numerous parts of the city that have not been protected for decades is coming to an end, and for the first time, hundreds of buildings have been identified that cannot be demolished under any circumstances. When adopting new planning acts, special attention is paid to this, stated the chief urban planner.

Source: B92