That Pancevo has become a popular place where Belgraders have been moving most often in the last year can be best seen by the rise in real estate prices in that city in Vojvodina. The price per square meter has risen by more than 50 percent, and experts claim that this does not only apply to new construction, because the sellers of old construction have also raised the price per square meter.

Pancevo, a city in Vojvodina, experienced a real explosion of prices per square meter, primarily due to its location about 19 kilometers from Belgrade, which is about 20 minutes drive, but also the development of infrastructure, explains Blic.

This is also confirmed by Anita Pešić, product manager of the website. According to her, buyers from Belgrade are attracted by the position of Pancevo, with more than 120,000 inhabitants, then developed infrastructure, 20 kindergartens, 10 primary and eight secondary schools.

"All these factors, as well as the increased demand for new construction, have led to an increase in the price of a square meter in Pancevo. A few years ago, the price of new construction was around 800 to 950 euros per square meter, and today it is between 1,100 and 1,400 euros, ”explains Pešić.

In Pancevo, as he says, new buildings are being built at every step, and the fact that investors are selling most of the apartments before the end of construction shows that there are interested buyers.

The investment in roads paid off

In addition, sellers of old buildings, also raised prices per square meter. Thus, with an average of 500 or 600 euros per square meter, now some sellers offer their apartments in old buildings for 700 to 900 euros per square meter.

"Many agree that this jump is unreasonable and unrealistic, because it is not the same to buy a newly built apartment and an apartment in a building from the sixties or eighties. At the moment, the offer of apartments in the old building is very small, what is for sale has a higher price, and therefore the realization of sales is poor ", explains Pešić.

It is clear that the improvement of infrastructure has always affected the development of cities, as well as the growth of real estate prices. And that prices will rise due to investments in local and regional roads, said recently Aleksandar Vucic, President of Serbia, according to Blic.

"The square of living space will grow in Pancevo. You will see in a year that a square will be more expensive by 100 to 300 euros. The price of property will increase for everyone because of everything that the state has done ", said Vučić.

Reliable public transport

In the last ten years, the sports center, the People's Garden, the beach on the Thames have been renovated in Pancevo, and several large shops and shopping centers have been opened. Residents were also given numerous sports facilities, swimming pools and gyms, and the only thing missing are private kindergartens.

On the other hand, Pancevo can be reached more easily and quickly from the center of Belgrade than to many other parts of the city. From the Main Bus Station in Pancevo, the Pancevo Bridge in Belgrade can be reached by bus in about 25 minutes, and in another 10 to 15 minutes to almost all central destinations in the Serbian capital.

ATP buses on the line Pancevo - Belgrade depart every half hour, and during the morning and afternoon crowds and every 15 minutes.

However, it was not only in Pančevo that real estate prices rose sharply. It is similar in Ledine, a little more than 12 kilometers away from Belgrade.

Ledine is a place that relies on the Belgrade municipalities of New Belgrade and Surčin and is increasingly becoming a real construction site with buildings of several dozen apartments. And the price per square meter is similar to that in Pancevo - up to 1,300 euros, plus VAT.