From January 1 next year, the tenants of business premises owned by the City of Belgrade will have to count on higher rental prices, which will increase by about 6.8 percent.

Thus, the amount of rent for the store in the extra zone will be higher by 76 dinars per square meter per month, so for a space of 50 m2, the price will jump by about 3,800 dinars, or about 30 euros.

According to the amendments to the decision on determining the rents for the City's business premises, which will be before the councilors at the City Assembly session on Monday, the amount of renting the premises in the extra zone will jump to 1,193 dinars instead of the previous 1,117 dinars.

The second zone is somewhat cheaper, so the tenants will pay 995 dinars in the future instead of 932 dinars. For the closer periphery, the price instead of 745 dinars per square meter per month, costs 796 dinars, or about 51 dinars, which is 2,550 dinars per month for a store of 50 m2.

- The increase in rents is in line with the planned price increase for 2022. The Ministry of Finance has published instructions for the preparation of the local government budget for 2022 and projections for 2023 and 2024. The basic macroeconomic assumptions are stated here, and instructions are given for the total growth of revenues in 2022, in relation to the estimate of the realization of revenues in 2021, which must not exceed 6.8% - it is stated in the changes to the decision.

The price of the store for pharmacies and dentists was 1,172 dinars per square meter in the extra zone, and after the changes it will be 1,252 dinars. For betting shops, exchange offices in the very center of the city, instead of 1,452 dinars, they will pay 1,034 dinars per square meter of space per month.

The rent of the studio, which normally pays 55 dinars per square meter, will cost artists four dinars more.

Amendments to the city decision introduced a new type of business space, namely "business space for tenants who perform the activity of public regular transport". The price for the extra zone is 350 dinars per square meter, while for the cheapest, fourth zone, the rent is 140 dinars per square meter per month.