Balkans Real Estate is planning to build office building at the lot in Block 43 in Boulevard of Milutin Milankovic. As for now, preliminary architectonic and construction solution and the urban project for facility construction have been finished. (Future facility) Public presentation of the Urban project has been in progress. It was developed by Belgrade-based Yugo Biro. Citizens can have look on this urban project at the City administration offices on Sunday, December 7, and Monday, December 8, 2014. As it was said, Belgrade-based Art Projekt developed preliminary architectonic and urban solution. Balkans Real Estate, known for its brand and registered MPC Properties label, is one of the biggest Serbian companies for real estate development. The facility will contain a ground floor and type floors. In the ground floor, on net area of 1.500 m2, a hall, a bank, a kindergarten, an exhibition space, a restaurant and technical space are planned. The office space will be located on type floors.