Additional increases in the price of apartments in new construction are expected, as the price of construction materials does not stop going wild - the price of reinforcement in Belgrade jumped by 100 percent, cement by 10, and tiles and bricks are more expensive with each purchase.

Miloš Mitić, director of the real estate agency "City expert", notes for the portal that due to difficulties in procuring construction materials from the war-torn area of ​​Ukraine, alternative roads are now being sought.

The situation on the real estate market is burdened by the pandemic, inflation and war in Ukraine, so it is completely unpredictable.

"All the factors are such that we are waiting for something to happen in order to stabilize the market, but despite all that, the demand is not waning," says Mitic.

Our interlocutor expects that the increase in the price of construction materials will very quickly affect the end buyers, ie the amount they will set aside when buying an apartment.

In locations such as the Old Town, Vracar, but also the narrower part of Zvezdara and Voždovac, complexes are springing up, which offer a large number of contents, which is why they are in demand among the citizens, although the prices are higher than the prices.

"By buying an apartment in such locations, you are practically buying a lifestyle, and the prices of such apartments range from 3,500 euros, to more than 5,000 euros in individual cases," Mitic points out.

He adds that prices here have risen by 10 to 20% in a very short period of time.

Seeing that the investors of the new building earn more, the owners of the apartments that belong to the old building also decide to take the step of raising the price per square meter.

"The owners of old buildings are closely monitoring the movement of prices, so they are raising them, which is not logical, because the price of construction materials cannot affect the buildings that have already been built," concludes Mitic.

At the recent research on the impact of the situation in Ukraine on the new construction market, but also other factors, investors showed that they share the opinion that current events in the world will affect the market - 75% of them believe that prices are what to feel the changes the most. Only 5% of surveyed investors do not expect that the situation in Europe will lead to price changes.

"When asked" What price trend do they expect in the next period? ", 45% of investors said that prices have already risen due to the new situation, while 40% believe that the price increase is sure to follow," said Jasmina Gavrilov Drazic.

The average advertised price of new construction in Belgrade, according to, is 2,223 euros / m2, and the average selling price of new construction in the capital is 1981 euros / m2, according to data from the Republic Geodetic Authority.

"Prices of apartments in the first quarter of this year in new construction in Belgrade increased by nine percent compared to the same period last year, so the average square meter now costs 2,165 euros," the RGZ report shows, "says Jasmina Gavrilov Drazic.

According to the data of the RGA, which publishes purchase prices, in two Belgrade municipalities, in the Old Town and Savski Venac, the average square footage in new construction exceeded 3,000 euros. About 350 apartments on the Sava Wreath were sold in the first three months, and the most expensive square in Belgrade on the water cost 9,115 euros.

Almost half of the surveyed buyers, as well as investors, do not see that anything positive will happen in terms of the real estate market.

Gavrilov Drazic adds that the opinions of buyers on the issue of prices are very divided.

A third of respondents (32.3%) believe that new construction prices will rise in the future, while 20% of buyers already see daily increases. However, a fifth of respondents believe that new construction prices will fall in the future. they notice different trends in old and new buildings ", she concludes.