The construction of commercial building in the complex is far advanced, where the interior is largely completed, lifts are working, and recently building entrance was fitted with rotating doors. What remained was to complete the lower parts of the facade, hallways and garages. At the annex part of the hotel situation is similar to the business part, with fine finishing works on the room’s interior and remaining work on the lower floors of the building.

The Old mill buildings is currently in focus, as the works are carried out on the both exterior and interior of the building. The external walls are covered with stone wool, while the inside is mounted with decorative elements, fitted with electrical installation and carpentry. There were some very interesting details, but we are not allowed to publish photos of the interior at this construction stage.

The roof tiling is also completed, with a fine example of the straight-cut tiles as reconstructive detail. The lantern on the roof is modeled after the original mill, but now as an aluminum-glass structure that will provide natural light for future Executive Lounge.

The process of selecting the staff at the hotel is also well underway, and the Radisson Old Mill will employ 120 people on various positions. It is interesting to note that there was a competition for the design of hotel uniforms, where competing teams were Belgrade Academy of Applied Arts and Italian "Academia del Lusso". The winner was a team of local designers Dragoslav Rajičić and Zoran Stojanović, and they are currently working on a uniform prototype.

Attached are the latest photos from the constrctruction site of the Old Mill complex. Completion of the works and expected soft open is planned for early September, while the grand opening is expected in October this year.