"The growth of online buying and selling comes from people who have used it before, and from those who have never bought or sold online before. We have more than 60,000 ads every day, which shows how much people get value from platforms like this," he said. for Infobiz Miloš Aleksić from the portal Kupujem prodajem.

Even small businesses that have been affected by this crisis are finding their way to the online market and looking for their chance, they claim from the portal. This platform sells mostly mobile phones, cars, real estate, home appliances and home decor items.

"We also have things that appear seasonally, such as firewood, video games, agricultural products. As for the trends before and after covid, we noticed some interesting things. For example, real estate outside the city, searches for real estate that are not in When, for example, small food producers were affected by the first closure, they asked to sell meat online, so we followed that up by opening the category of domestic food, "Aleksic points out.

In the last three years, e-commerce in Serbia has grown by 300 percent, and the growth of online shopping has continued during the state of emergency, and even after that, the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications recently announced.

Source: rs.n1info