The latest data for April show an increase in the price of apartments on the outskirts of Belgrade, but also in other large cities, and the biggest jump last month was recorded in Nis.

The price of apartments is mostly influenced by the ratio of supply and demand, and the situation on the market is currently such that the supply is lower than the demand for purchase, and that is exactly what maintains and "pushes" the value of square meters in Serbia. Thus, for example, the square in the center of Belgrade kept the price of 2,500 euros in April, but in Mirijevo it reached 1,235 euros, which is an increase of almost 2 percent compared to March, reports Blic.

In Voždovac, a square meter costs 1,818 euros on average, which is an increase of one percent for a month, while in New Belgrade the price per square meter is 1,941 euros, or 0.36 percent more than in March, analyzes of average prices of old and new apartments in site real

In Novi Sad, in relation to the stabilization in March, during April, an increase in the prices per square meter was recorded, and especially in Novi Naselje (6 percent) and in Grbavica, as much as 7.5 percent.

"Based on the ads in the category of apartment sales, on the website every month we follow the growth and decline prices of square meters in all the most popular locations in the largest cities. "The average price per square meter includes the prices of apartments in both old and new buildings, so it is expected that in settlements where more new apartments are being built, the average price will be higher," Anita Pesic, director of the advertising portal, told Blic Biznis.

She adds that it is important to follow the price trend, both for potential buyers of real estate and for those who decide to put their real estate on the market. Prices, of course, vary in relation to the specific condition of the property, equipment, location, infrastructure development, proximity to transportation, schools.

According to the data from the site, in April, the prices of apartments in Belgrade were more or less stable.

Kragujevac has stable real estate prices without major oscillations since January, while in the city 20 km from Belgrade, the prices of square meters continue to rise - Pancevo records a growth trend in April of almost 4 percent.

"Nis still has a significant jump in real estate prices, so the price per square meter on Nemanjić Boulevard has increased by more than 15 percent compared to March, and a total of 30 percent since the beginning of the year. The settlement of Durlan, after three months of price growth, in April recorded a drop in the price of a square meter by almost 5 percent ", states Anita Pešić.

Those familiar with the situation repeat that the real estate market, like most others, is governed by the law of supply and demand. Since the demand for real estate in Serbia is very high, especially in larger cities, the price has been rising slightly for months.

Demand is especially high in new construction, and that is where the potential for price growth lies. At the same time, the increase in the price of construction materials may be the reason for the new price jump.