The UN Climate Summit saw global government, business and civil society leaders commit to finding lasting solutions to the complex threats of climate change. Ahead of the summit, hundreds of thousands of people had marched for global action on climate change in cities around the world.


RICS Chief Executive Officer Sean Tompkins took up a personal invitation from the UN Secretary General to attend the summit last week. With 40% of CO2 emissions resulting from buildings in operation alone, the summit highlighted the significant role the built environment has to play in reducing carbon emissions.


In his review of the summit, Sean Tompkins said:


“Everybody has to play their part in this – especially our sector. The land, construction, real estate and infrastructure sector has real potential to lead the charge for climate friendly and sustainable solutions and business practices, not only within the sector itself but also in interaction with the many downstream stakeholders who use or invest in real estate,”


“This should not be seen as a threat but as a tremendous opportunity for leadership. I intend to work with leaders in the built environment to confirm our action agenda ahead of Paris 2015.”





Source: RICS